The Best Plus Size Jackets to Rock at Your Next Holiday Party

The Best Plus Size Jackets to Rock at Your Next Holiday Party

A holiday party is a perfect excuse to debut a new outfit. Naturally, any outfit worn during the cold winter months is not complete without a jacket. Yes, even while indoors, the jacket will enhance your whole look. Even if you have no plans to wear it the whole time, you'll most certainly need something to have on upon your entrance and put back on when you leave. What are the most important characteristics of a jacket suitable for holiday parties? Something that represents your style and is undeniably fashionable yet comfortable and practical simultaneously. Finding that special jacket or coat all comes down to a matter of preference. A woman can never go wrong with any of these coats:

Belted Long Wool Coat

A belt on a long wool coat puts a sophisticated final touch on an already classy coat. It's sort of like untying the bow on a gift. Once you open your long wool coat, it's as if you are presenting something fabulous. Which you are: your outfit. An equally elegant alternative to the belted long wool coat is one that is buttoned up. Although any color will do, there is something undeniably flattering about a classic plus size women's wool coat in camel. With that color and the wool material, it's a coat reminiscent of the early 20th century, yet still has a place in today's day and age.

A Cropped Trench Coat

You will likely need to live in a warm climate to get away with wearing this jacket during the winter season (or be blessed with unusually tropical weather if you live in the north). Weather permitting, a cropped trench coat adds another level of sophistication to your holiday party outfit. If you plan to wear it indoors, undo the belt and buttons and let your coat hang open to show off your whole outfit. Another trench coat style worth wearing to your next holiday party is the plus size cotton long trench coat, which can come in a variety of cute colors.

A Fleece Blazer

A fleece blazer says, "I'm here, I look amazing, but I feel even better." It's the ultimate holiday party jacket because you can wear it indoors the whole time and not look strange for never taking your "coat" off. If you do anticipate taking off your jacket at some point throughout the evening, consider switching out the fleece blazer for something a little heavier, like a plus size fleece jacket in either a solid color, a herringbone, or a houndstooth pattern.

A Plus Size Chino Herringbone Shirt Jacket

Like the fleece blazer, the Chino Herringbone shirt jacket is a coat that can be worn indoors, ergo, it is the ideal holiday party jacket. It comes in two colors, including Vintage Blossom and Dark Olive Green, with the latter option being more in theme with the holiday season. The jacket is a flattering finish to an array of clothes including pants, skirts, and dresses. It's made with a cotton twill material and comes with pockets, making it a comfortable fit and a practical, yet stylish jacket choice.

A Plus Size Print Down Puffer Vest

Although a vest technically isn't a jacket, it still looks great at a holiday party. Vests after all, are commonly worn in the colder seasons and therefore give off a festive feel. A women's plus size down puffer vest is exceptionally comfortable and colorful. Choosing bright holiday colors likes reds and plaids are excellent choices since they are bright and cheery vests that will bring another element of decorative fun to the holiday party. If you'd like a clean, smart look, consider the vest in a black and white print, a pattern that looks ultra-chic atop a red turtleneck.

Plus Size Shawl Collar Jacket Cardigan

Wearing this Shawl Collar Jacket Cardigan is nice because you'll feel as though you were wearing a puffy, white cloud. Yes, the Sherpa interior is so remarkably soft that you will have a hard time taking it off at the party. And take it off you should not. The soft French terry fabric in the Gray Frost Heather or the Antique Blossom Heather is as flattering as the Sherpa lining is soft. Sporting this women's plus size cardigan sweater with a pair of sleek black pants will give off an effortlessly chic look that other party-goers will rave about. Meanwhile, you won't even care about how amazing it looks; you'll be too busy raving about how comfortable it is.


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