The 5 Best Plus Size Holiday Dresses for Women

The 5 Best Plus-Size Holiday Dresses for Women

For most women, December isn’t just the merriest time of the year; it’s also the busiest. The month is filled with shopping, working, and, if you’re lucky, a whole lot of celebrating with people you care about.

To complicate things further, for every party invite you receive, you need a fantastic party outfit: one that makes you feel beautiful, relaxed, and ready to celebrate. To create the looks you need to make it through the season in style, a pretty dress (or two) is a smart holiday wardrobe foundation.

This list shows some of the factors that make a plus size dress a fantastic option for all the holiday invites you’ll receive this year. Use them as a base, and play with accessories to create a range of festive outfits that will ensure you’re ready to wow at a minute’s notice wherever you go. Here's how to style plus size holiday party dresses like a pro.

1. The Flexible Work-to-Party Dress

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time between the end of the workday and the start of the party to do a complete outfit change. That’s why having a plus-size wear-to-work dress that you can re-make into something more dramatic with a second set of accessories is a woman’s winter must-have.

When you prepare for work in the morning, fill a tote with the glam accessories you’ll need for your evening party—maybe glittery chandelier earrings, dramatic statement necklaces, spiky party heels, or a soft wrap. And at the end of the day, you’ll be ready to make a quick change into an outfit with more celebratory oomph.

These quick-change women's plus size holiday dresses are ideal for events that toe the line between professional and personal—say when you’re dropping in at your spouse’s office party.

2. The Look-at-Me Print

Maybe you don’t have a knack for elaborate holiday party accessorizing, or there’s just no time. No worries. You can take a shortcut by choosing a dress that doesn’t need anything added to grab the spotlight with style.

Want to make an entrance? Cover up with a women's wool coat and wow everyone as you walk in the door with a boldly patterned dress. Colorful stripes and animal prints are dramatic on their own, so you don’t need to bring bling to look party-ready. Simply add a little extra eyeliner and some party-perfect lipstick, and you’re ready to go for almost any gathering.

These more audacious looks are a perfect fit for parties on the more casual side, like late-evening meetups at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or bar.

3. The Swing-and-Swirl Hemline

If you remember the pure joy of twirling in a party dress as a little girl, then you know the power of a dress that puts you in “party mode” even before you walk out the door.

Light and loose swing hemlines and fit-and-flare dresses are flattering styles that always feel ready for festive events. They’re a terrific way to make a dress special enough for the cocktail hour at a country club without stepping over the line into the full-on formality of a gala event.

And you’ll get bonus fun-plus-fashion points if there will be actual dancing and twirling at the event.

4. The Colors of the Holiday

Another terrific way to make a dress feel just right for holiday parties is to choose a color that matches the season. That could mean going with bright greens and reds, but it doesn’t have to. Almost any jewel tone, such as a rich blue or vibrant purple, makes for a great special occasion dress. Shiny metallics, from icy silver to burnished gold, also bring a great vibe to holiday parties.

When you choose holiday colors, you’ve created a fabulous match for parties that are being held at any time of day, while glittery metallics are often a better choice for cocktail parties and nighttime events.

5. The Cozy-for-the-Winter Look

You can play into the season’s cold weather by choosing a dress in a luxurious knit for a party dress that feels just right for December. Sweater dresses are amazingly versatile and can be used in outfits that are luxuriously dressy, or more casual and fun. If you're looking for layers, try a plus size cashmere sweater that will both warm and dress you up when the time is right.

If you’re dressing for a fun event, like a cookies-and-caroling party, pick a Christmas sweater, perhaps in a wintery snowflake design, for a relaxed look that feels right for daytime celebrating. But if you’re dressing for an evening event, you might want to choose a more refined look: think luxurious cashmere in a rich color that you can accessorize with a pretty clutch and a pair of heels. Glamorous!

In the end, the dress you choose doesn’t matter as much as the people you’ll spend time with at the event. So wear your outfit with a smile, and you’ll feel perfectly dressed no matter what.


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