How To Style Plus-Size Dresses for Spring

How To Style Plus-Size Dresses for Spring

Spring is a wonderful season — the days are longer, flowers begin to bloom, and the weather begins to warm up. But, spring can also be full of surprises like rain showers and unpredictable weather patterns. “Temperatures can swing back and forth between balmy and frigid. Sunny days may be followed by a week of stormy weather,” according to the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control. Unpredictable weather can make it hard to know exactly what to wear on a spring day — do you go for a long-sleeved dress or one of your favorite plus-size dresses paired with an extra layer like a cardigan or light jacket? Here are some ways to style plus-size dresses for spring, no matter the weather or occasion.

Add a Jacket

Dresses are not normally the warmest item in your closet. Instead, they’re pretty breezy. In the spring months, when the weather fluctuates, it’s important to leave the house with an extra layer when heading out in your go-to plus-size dress. Plus, adding a jacket over your favorite dress is a stylish way to switch up your look—different styles of jackets will create different outfit vibes, so you can switch up your style by just adding that layer. You can choose from any number of plus-size coats and jackets in your wardrobe. Go for an insulated bomber jacket on a chilly spring day, or opt for a denim jacket for a classic springtime look. Wear a leather (or fake leather) jacket over your dress if you're feeling a little rocker. This look is particularly good for a girl’s night out—especially when worn with a pair of stylish black booties.

Layer With Sweaters

Plus-size cardigans are one great way to add a layered sweater look to your spring outfit while keeping you warm, too. Try draping a cardigan over your shoulders as you wear an a-line dress, or try a buttoned-up cardigan over a maxi dress. Both looks will keep you warm on a chilly spring day while also offering a fashionable style solution. Beyond cardigans, you can even wear classic crewneck sweaters or plus-size turtlenecks over your favorite spring dress. The outfit is a little less formal than the cardigan alternative, but there is something so cool about layering a chunky wool sweater over a fashion-forward spring dress.

Wear your sweater-layered outfit with a pair of slip-on mules to finish off the look.

Add a Belt

Belting your dresses is a classic way to add some figure-defining elements to your look. Simply buy a belt in classic brown leather or black leather and fasten the belt over your dress and around your waist. The addition of a belt dresses up your look, making it ideal for a workday or gathering at church, while also adding a new element to one of your tried-and-true dresses. A belt goes best with button-front shirt dresses, fit and flare dresses, and long maxi dresses.

You can even stray away from the classic brown and black belts—try a leopard-print belt or a belt with a fun buckle for an added statement. Just be sure your belt compliments your outfit—you wouldn’t want to wear a leopard-print belt with a striped dress. Only go for a statement belt if you’re wearing a solid-colored spring dress.

Try Out Unexpected Footwear

Flats, heels, and boots are all pretty expected when it comes to the footwear you wear with dresses. And while there is nothing wrong with going with a tried-and-true look, take your spring fashion to the next level by wearing your favorite spring dress with a pair of unexpected shoes. For a casual vibe that’s ideal for being on your feet all day, wear a pair of white fashion sneakers with a denim button-front dress.

For a flashier style, wear a pair of bright shoes with a black maxi or midi dress. When wearing bright shoes with a black dress, you can truly pick any color of shoe since nothing clashes with black. Try slip-on shoes in a bright red or a pair of metallic heels for date night.

Pay Attention to Your Purse

Sometimes, a purse can make all of the difference. When picking out your dress for the day, don’t let your bag be an afterthought. For a more casual day of running errands in your spring dress, grab a canvas tote bag. For a work meeting or a dinner out with friends, opt for a leather purse. You can even change your purse from day to night to fit the mood.

Between sweaters, light jackets, and the right accessories, it’s easy to make sure your spring dress fits the weather, is the right pick for any outing and is a fashionable choice all season.


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