4 Plus Size 4th of July Outfits

4 Plus Size 4th of July Outfits

The 4th of July marks the height of summer, and it's a wonderful time to get together with your friends and family. Many Independence Day celebrations involve cookouts, swimming, and plenty of delicious beverages. While the festivities are already something to look forward to, you can also get excited about the outfit you want to wear. So after you have a meal plan, guest list, and the outdoor furniture set up, what do you need to create the best plus size 4th of July outfit? This short guide will show you how to make yourself look festive and patriotic this 4th of July.

1 - Shorts: The Cornerstone to Any Great July 4th Outfit

In July, most parts of the country are in the dog days of summer. This is not a time for heavy materials or anything that's going to make you feel stuffy. When it comes to casual outfits, nothing beats shorts. If you want to make a great 4th of July outfit, then look no further than a casual top and some plus-size shorts. There are so many ways you can turn this basic bottom into a patriotic outfit, too.

First, check your favorite clothing store for patriotic-themed shirts that you can match with your shorts. You may choose to wear a basic red, white, or blue top. Basics often cost less than screen tees so it's a great way to incorporate the traditional colors of July 4th without breaking in the bank. Most likely, you should already have a few plus size shorts in your closet to act as versatile summer bottoms. Whether you choose to wear a T-shirt, tank top, blouse, or plus size bathing suit tops, be sure to dress strategically to beat the heat.

2 - Dresses: A Quick and Chic Outfit

When you want to look great from head to toe, then look no further than plus size dresses. These are a great option when you want to look a little fancy but not too formal. This slight step up in style gets you noticed at the party and makes you feel confident about yourself. The best part about sundresses is they don't require any separate matching pieces. Also, you don't really need a cardigan in the summer; all you need is a cute pair of sandals with your dress for it to look put together. Of course, you can style your hair and do your makeup to give yourself an extra pep in your step. When you feel confident, other people will notice. It's something that just exudes off of you when you know you look good and your fashion is on point.

Not only are sundresses stylish and easy to wear, but they also do a good job of keeping you cool. When you choose a loose and flowy style like plus size maxi dresses or fit-and-flare cuts, you can keep any tight and chafing feeling away from your legs. Avoid anything that is too binding, like bodycon dresses that can lock in the sweat and make you feel uncomfortable during an outdoor event.

3 - Mind Your Materials

Now that you know the basic 4th of July outfits you can wear, it's important to pick the right materials so that you feel comfortable all day long. Since you will most likely be having some type of outdoor party that extends to the night, you should make sure your materials don't make you feel hotter than you need to be. Avoid materials like rayon that can stick to your skin and not allow it to breathe.

Instead, look for cotton blends that are inspired by athletic materials. You can even wear an active top with some plus size swim shorts and look perfectly fashionable for your 4th of July party. This is especially helpful if your party is a hybrid cookout and pool celebration. These materials were designed with intense movement and sweat in mind, which is perfect for an outdoor celebration where you are moving a lot under the sun.

4 - Accessorize!

And finally, don't forget to protect yourself from the intense sun throughout the day. It's important to put on sunblock at the regular required intervals and wear sunglasses and a hat if you plan to stay outside for a long time. Some people may even prefer to wear a thin cotton cardigan on their arms and shoulders to protect their skin. However, for a less sweltering feeling, you can also wear a swimsuit cover-up over your bare shoulders to give yourself a break from the heat. This is especially useful during the hottest part of the day.

We hope that these plus size fourth of July outfit ideas will help you have the best time yet at your next Independence Day celebration.


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