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Plan the Perfect Girls' Beach Getaway

Whether it’s to ward off the winter chill, to celebrate the beginning of spring, or to welcome the warmth of summer, a girls-only beach getaway is a perfect way to relax and recharge. Plan ahead for an unforgettable weekend or mini trip to soak up the sun in style.

Decide on the Type of Getaway

The type of weekend or vacation getaway you plan will depend on a number of factors, including the number of people in your group, anticipated budgets, and the individual interests of everyone in the group. You may want to consider getting answers to these questions in advance. Set up a group document or poll with a few questions, then vote and on locations and activities. Think about if you want to plan a semi-local getaway to the nearest beach or a faraway destination you’ve all been dreaming about for years.

Theme Ideas

You might also want to plan your getaway with a specific theme, such as:

  • Moms and daughters: Lounge by the pool or shore with two generations of friends and families, or more specifically, moms and daughters.
  • Spa getaway: Plan mani-pedis, massages, and facials to make it an indulgent mini-vacay at a beachfront resort.
  • Wine and food tour: Plan a location known for its incredible wine and food and take some to the beach for afternoon picnics.
  • Sport adventure: From surf lessons to scuba diving, there are tons of adventures to be shared together.
  • Shopping and dining: Enjoy the beach by day, and plan shopping and dining excursions when the sun goes down.

Plan Transportation and Accommodations

Plan your transportation and accommodations next, taking the theme, budgets, and everyone’s interests into account. Work with a travel agent or browse discount sites to get affordable airfare or other transportation as well as hotel or beach house accommodations. Rental homes can be an affordable option that lets everyone relax and feel more at home, as well as allowing for freedom like laid-back evenings at the pool or morning brunches relaxing around the kitchen island. Once your transportation and accommodations are secured, double-check all the details, including deposits and insurance. Send out a group text or email that has all the pertinent information, including confirmation numbers and addresses, to make sure everyone is in the loop.

Shop for Beach Getaway Essentials

You might be so excited at this point you’re tempted to pack your bags in advance! Take a moment to inventory your women's dresses T-shirts, shorts, and swimwear to make sure you have the items you need (and have time to shop for any necessities). You’ll want to have fresh, fabulous styles to enjoy for your getaway. Make sure you have the essentials for a beach vacation, including:

  • Two to three bathing suits
  • Cover-up dress
  • Beach towel
  • Casual and dressy shorts
  • Cropped pants or capris
  • Short-sleeved and sleeveless tops
  • Light jacket
  • Accessories like sun hat and sunglasses
  • Great beach bag
  • Sandals or flip flops

Make It Fun With Matching Girls’ Getaway Pieces

If you’re coordinating the getaway, you can add an extra touch by getting matching items for everyone to wear and enjoy during the trip. Ideas might be:

  • Matching custom T-shirts or tank tops that are personalized with a theme, phrase, graphic, or logo
  • Personalized mini totes or beach bags
  • Coordinating caps or visors
  • Cute custom hoodies or cotton cardigans to wear on evening beach walks
  • Stylish cover-ups in similar colors
  • Matching luggage tags
  • Monogrammed toiletry cases or mini travel bags

Use your imagination! Choose any of these items to offer up as a memento, or use in goodie bags made for the group.

Take Care of Last-Minute Details and Chip in to Help All the Girls

Once everything is in place, make sure all the last-minute details are in place. Make sure your partner has all the kids’ schedules down, or go over what your pets’ needs are with the neighbor who’s watching them while you’re gone. If you’ll be gone more than a weekend, consider a mail hold or have a trusted friend pick it up for you. Write out auto-reply or out-of-office emails so you aren’t tempted to work on your getaway. Check in with all the ladies in your group, and chip in if anyone needs help finalizing last-minute details, whether it’s a ride to the airport or help in deciding what to pack in her bag.

Get Ready for Fun in the Sun With the Perfect Girls’ Getaway

Women work hard, and everyone deserves a break from the everyday grind. A little planning can take your perfect girls’ beach getaway from a dream to a reality. Get the important travel plans down, shop, pack, and take care of last-minute details, then get ready for the time of your life on your girls' beach trip!

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