How to Plan a Luxury Staycation at Home

How to Plan a Luxury Staycation at Home

Vacations are an opportunity to relax and recharge. But after all the planning and money spent, have you ever stepped onto the plane and thought, “This better be worth it?” You want to immerse yourself in a relaxing getaway, but thoughts like, “The weather has to be perfect. This snorkel excursion better be life-changing. I just want to relax, but I should be out exploring” tend to get in the way. The more money you put into an experience, the more pressure you feel to have the best time ever. That pressure can have you on edge the entire trip.

That’s why staycations are the most relaxing way to spend your time off. They’re the perfect mix of affordability and luxury. But even as you lower your budget, feel free to keep your expectations high. Read on to learn how to have a staycation to remember, no matter the budget.

Make a Budget

You know the rush you get when you walk into your favorite store and everything’s 50 percent off? That’s how planning your staycation will feel! Think back to your last vacation and roughly calculate the airfare, accommodation, activities, and food. Now expect to pay a mere fraction of that cost on your holiday at home. You know the hundreds of dollars you would’ve spent on your roundtrip ticket? Instead, use that money to indulge in every whim during your time off at home.

For each recommendation we make below, we’ve included budget-friendly (a.k.a. free!) suggestions to more “expensive” splurges. Mix and match with whichever activities and spending levels work best for you. With these tips, you can have an almost free staycation. Even if you opt for the “luxurious” options, rest assured that you will still be spending very little on your vacation at home compared to your typical destination trips. Here are a few staycation ideas you and your family will love.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Eat Well

  • Budget-friendly: First of all, “eating well” is up to your interpretation. For some, it means healthy home-cooked meals, while for others it means the ease of microwavable comfort food. Either way, be sure to make time for meal planning for your staycation. With the extra time, try out recipes that you enjoy or pick up some already-prepared meals.
  • Mid-level: Just because you’re in your hometown doesn’t mean you can’t explore the culinary scene. Dress up in one of your cutest fit and flare dresses and check out a new restaurant. Or dress down in one of your comfiest lounge dresses and grab some takeout from a local hotspot. While eating out is pricier than purchasing groceries, just remember all that money you’re saving on airfare/accommodations.
  • Luxurious: Sign up for a personal chef to cook for you during the duration of your staycation. Sit back and relax as your chef shops, prepares, and cooks your favorite meals all week long. And the best part? They’ll leave your kitchen sparkling clean without you having to wash a single dish.

Get Active

  • Budget-friendly: Enjoy the outdoors and exercise for free by going for a walk, run, or hike. Download your favorite podcast, listen to music, call a friend, or tune in to the sounds of nature.
  • Mid-level: Sign up for a workout class you’ve been eyeing. Maybe it’s a spin class you know and love or a Pilates class that’s always conflicted with your work schedule. Sign up and get ready to enjoy that rush of endorphins.
  • Luxurious: Many gyms and studios offer membership deals. Be sure to call ahead and see if the studio offers a new member deal. Some places provide your first class free or offer a class bundle at a discounted rate.

Plan Your Activities

  • Budget-friendly: Find free activities that sound relaxing to you. Binge Netflix or the streaming service of your choice in your flannel pajamas. Reorganize your pantry. Check out a museum. Go for a hike. Take up a new hobby. The bottom line: Spend this time in a way that will bring you joy.
  • Mid-level: Look up events going on in your city and see if there are any concerts or festivals that align with your staycation. You can also use this time to take a day trip to a nearby city.
  • Luxurious: We know it’s a staycation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t book an overnight excursion. Throw a few things in your women’s overnight bag, and spend a night or two in a hotel in your area. Experience all the benefits of a getaway with none of the stress of a long travel day.

However you choose to spend your time and money, we know with these tips your luxurious staycation will be priceless.

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