Places You Can Wear Activewear That You've Never Thought About

Places You Can Wear Activewear That You've Never Thought About

Don’t you love activewear? It takes comfy to a whole new level while allowing you to move for all the activities you love from walking to yoga to running. Activewear isn’t just for the gym anymore. Let’s look at some places you can wear your activewear that you might not have considered.

Outdoor Dining

Whether you’re meeting a friend for a quick cup of coffee or enjoying a full meal at an outdoor café, your women’s activewear can work for you. There’s just something about an outdoor location that makes it a little more accessible for different types of clothing. After all, you're already sitting near people who are out and about in different modes of dress—whether it's commuters on their way to work or shoppers running errands.

Sometimes joggers and cyclists will even show up fresh from a workout for casual outdoor dining. That way they can enjoy stretching their muscles on the way there and back as well as the good food and conversation. A slight glow of perspiration doesn’t look nearly as out of place when you're sitting outdoors as it would inside, even if you're meeting friends for lunch.


If you're an avid gym goer, no doubt you have run errands before or after your workout while wearing women’s yoga pants or athletic shorts. Why not start out that way instead? Unless you're shopping at a high-end boutique, you will probably fit right in. And even if some shoppers are a bit dressier than you, it’s just shopping. As long as you’re covered, there really isn’t a dress code.

Book Clubs

If you're a bibliophile, chances are you belong to a book club or are thinking of joining one. Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and enjoy books at the same time! Most book clubs meet virtually, in a coffee shop, in a library, or in someone’s home. Why not start a trend by wearing your most comfy clothing while enjoying some social time and a cool discussion? If you're brand new to a book club, you might try this at the second meeting. It never hurts to get a feel for what others in a group expect even if you start out knowing that you have a lot in common with your fellow members.

School Events

If you're a parent or grandparent, you probably have plenty of school events to attend. Unless you're going to the spring play or chaperoning a dance, more than likely your activewear will fit the bill. Why not be comfortable in a pair of joggers and a T-shirt instead of going business casual unless you happen to be going straight from work to school? You might even end up being the cool parent or grandparent!


Activewear and travel just go together—especially while you're on route. Gone are the days when airports were for business travelers in suits only. You know there will be some “hurry up and wait” involved in your travel plans, so why not be as comfortable as possible along the way?

It’s a good idea to check dress codes in advance if you're considering wearing leggings. Whether or not leggings are “pants” is still a question in some places. When in doubt, throw a pair of women’s joggers on top of them. For the most part, though, if you wear your favorite activewear you will be one of the better casually dressed travelers around.


The comfort of activewear blends beautifully with sightseeing, too. Most museums and historic sites are appropriate for activewear these days. You’ll want to be comfortable so you can concentrate on the activity, not your clothes. This goes double for walking shoes if you anticipate logging miles on your adventures!

With this said, be careful to observe any rules (written or not) of the local culture and specific venue. For example, if you're visiting a religious or military site, the leggings and tunic top that you think are appropriate may not even be acceptable. Some locations may have specific dress codes that are much more modest than what you're used to at home. There are still places where it’s not appropriate for women to wear pants or where we need to cover more of our arms or legs than we may be used to doing.

Always view yourself as a guest of the local culture. When in doubt, check in advance so you can ensure dressing in a manner that will be viewed as respectful. You would want a sightseer to do the same thing if they were visiting your community.

We have more options than we realize with activewear. So get out there and stay comfy!


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