Throw Blankets That Make Good Gifts

6 Throw Blankets That Make Surprisingly Good Gifts

What turns a gift from a "nice idea" to an "unforgettably perfect" present? It's usually one of the following things: the gift is especially useful and something that the recipient will need again and again. It is particularly beautiful, made with detail and care that the recipient will savor each time they see it. Or, the gift could be just such a perfect match for the recipient's personality or sense of style that it's as if it were made just for them. While you might not have realized it, throw blankets offer you a way to give a gift that checks one, two, or all of these boxes for some of the people on your gift-buying list.

Here's how you can match the gift throw blanket to the person you are shopping for an unforgettable present.

Find a Luxurious Throw Blanket for the Person Who Loves the Finer Things

When you're buying a present for someone who loves luxury, your goal is to give them a gift that creates the experience of pure indulgence they crave. Sometimes that means a big-ticket item like a brand-new car or a piece of glamorous jewelry. But a gift doesn't have to cost a lot to be luxurious. In fact, a throw blanket in a rich fabric like faux fur or an extra-soft fabric like a chenille can create moments of pure luxury for a friend who loves the finer things for a whole lot less than you might expect.

Find an Extra Warm Throw Blanket for the Friend Who's Always Cold

Almost everyone knows that one person whose internal thermostat is just a little out of sync with everyone else. If you're looking for a gift that will keep a person comfortable no matter what the forecast holds, get them a throw blanket in a material like a wool or fleece blanket.

It can be a little tricky carrying your comforter all over the house. A throw blanket is a present that feels like a warm hug they can access whenever they'd like. Every time they use it to fend off the chills, they'll remember that you care enough to make sure they feel cozy too.

Find a Throw Blanket with Personality for the Kid Who Wants to Make Their Mark

It can be hard to keep up with the fast-changing list of a kid's favorite things: one month, they love bears; the next month, it's all about the color blue. While you probably won't be able to keep up with those changing interests with a complete bedroom décor overhaul each time their interests shift, you can highlight their new passion by finding a throw blanket that showcases their hobbies and interests in its pattern or design.

This is also a fun way to introduce little ones to the fun of expressing themselves in the way they decorate.

Find a Throw Blanket No One Else Can Claim for the Pal Who Lives with Roommates

The best way to avoid conflict with roommates is to make sure that everyone knows which items in the apartment or the dorm suite belong to which person. A terrific way to help someone who's living with roommates to show off their personal style is with a gift that will remain undeniably theirs no matter where they use it.

How can you do that? Simple: Find a monogrammed blanket that you know they'll love. It's a perfect, portable way to personalize their space in this home and all the others that will follow it.

Find a Bright Throw Blanket for the Friend Who Craves a Breath of Fresh Air

An easy way to bring a jolt of new energy into a room is by bringing in accessories that pop. If you're shopping for a gift for a friend who's making a fresh start, look for a throw blanket in a zippy pattern or a throw blanket in a bright color.

A pretty throw blanket gift set can act as a warm and cozy burst of energy that your friend can use in the bedroom or living area with some throw pillows.

Find a Seasonal Throw Blanket for The Person Who Loves the Holidays

Holiday lovers will tell you that there's no such thing as too much holiday bling for the home. So, give them a throw blanket, a gift that does double duty as both an element of their seasonal holiday décor and a unique way to keep cozy as they sip eggnog and savor the lights on the tree. You can find throw blanket options in holiday reds and greens or in fun seasonal patterns they'll enjoy far into the new year.

Useful? Check. Beautiful? Check. Totally in sync with their style and their lifestyle? Absolutely. Throw blankets are a fun way to give a gift they'll use and enjoy again and again.


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