Petite Styles and Tips for Older Women

Petite Styles and Tips for Older Women

Just like taller women, petite woman also often have trouble shopping for clothes that fit their proportions. You may grow tired of cuffing all your pants or shirts that run way too long. Sometimes the only way to know is to try on the piece, find a full-length mirror, and check. And, as you get older, you feel like you have fewer clothing options, so putting together outfits you like also gets more challenging.

The good news is that when you understand the fashion basics around visual proportions and which cuts and styles help you create those proportions, your outfit horizons can expand.

Visual Proportions

Whether we naturally have them or not, desired proportions or silhouettes can often be visually portrayed with clothing. That is one of the many benefits of fashion and understanding how to properly dress yourself. When you know which clothes allow you to present those proportions correctly, most styles are within your reach.

Sweetheart, V-Neck, and Scoop Neck Necklines

These necklines all have something in common. They all expose the chest with a visual line that pulls the eye down. If you are a petite woman that desires a longer, taller silhouette, you may be interested in these cuts. By exposing the neck and chest, you create the illusion of space, which, combined with the visual line, vertically lengthens you. This extension is particularly helpful when you want to wear skirts and dresses that are shorter than floor and ankle length. Elongating the two-thirds on top as much as possible means you can play with your skirt length so that your legs are visible. When enough of the leg is visible, it gives you a solid bottom third and balances your proportions.

It also makes your neck look longer, which is helpful for many petite women.

Knee-length petite dresses with a sweetheart neckline are adorable and give a very feminine look while still being modest. Since dresses are also often of one print or one color, combined with the sweetheart neckline, it makes a vertical column that makes petite women look lovely. The V-neck created by a button-up collared shirt for petites is very classy and looks quite excellent when combined with a sweater and a few ropes of pearls. If the sleeves are bothering you, don't worry! This top combination also looks great with the sleeves rolled to the elbow. Any petite scoop neck top will look great with some nice jeans on the bottom. And speaking of bottoms...

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are a great option for any woman, including petite woman. For woman who want some extra length in the legs, this is one way to do it. High-waisted skirts, especially those that reach the ground, offer another opportunity for petite women to add a little height with some cute heels. If you are up for stilettos, that's wonderful. But even a smaller block heel or wedge can have a pleasant visual effect. If you are visiting the beach, a petite t-shirt and high-waisted shorts combo give you nice coverage while also giving you the freedom to stroll through the waves rippling on the shore and feel the tide moving in and out.

Now that you know the proportions you are looking to create with your clothes and have a couple of starting points for outfit ideas go out shopping with confidence and find the outfits that tickle your fashion fancy.


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