How Petite Activewear Will Change Your Year in 2021

How Petite Activewear Will Change Your Year in 2021

There are so many factors that can get in the way of a planned workout. An end-of-the-day work meeting that runs long, an unexpected invite out with friends, or even the magnetic pull of the remote control with your favorite show just begging for you to hit the power button. When committing to new workout routines or making a resolution to live a more active lifestyle, it’s important to set ourselves up for success, which is why finding the right workout clothing is so essential.

If our activewear doesn’t look, feel, or fit right, then that’s one more thing to add to the list of reasons we feel a bit unmotivated to get active. If you’re petite and seeking that perfect look for your next hike, the right wardrobe rotation for your at-home yoga sessions, or simply feel that your activewear needs a revamp, then read on to learn how petite activewear will change your life in 2021.

It Will Get You Pumped to Workout

If you’re looking to get more active in 2021 or if you’re already living an active lifestyle and just want to feel re-energized about your routine, then it’s time to stock up on petite activewear. Workout clothes that don’t fit properly will only get in the way of your next goal, be it climbing a taller mountain, hitting more reps, or committing more time to your yoga routine. Petite active tops will fit you the way workout clothing is meant to fit, and they come in a wide variety of styles.

For warm-weather workouts, opt for a moisture-wicking crewneck tunic tank top. This stylish and trendy top will look great with any petite bottoms, such as mesh running shorts or spandex yoga pants. For staying active in a great-looking fit on those cooler days, look no further than a petite short-sleeve sweatshirt, which can be used as a top layer or worn as-is. No matter what style top you choose, having workout tops that make you feel and look your best is a sure-fire way to stay motivated about getting your sweat on.

It Will Get You Out of Your PJs

We love a day spent in comfy pajamas, so there’s definitely no judgment if you want to live in your petite pajamas or your petite robe on a lazy Sunday (or any day, really!). While staying in our pajamas when we’re cozy at home feels nice at first, it can also start to feel like we’re on repeat. Swapping out some PJ looks for refreshed activewear outfits will be a mood and motivation booster when you need it.

For those days where you’re simply not interested in a boost of any kind, it’ll still feel great to lounge around in fresh new pieces. Petite activewear is as comfy for exercising as it is for relaxing, so you’ll truly get the most out of some new staple tops and bottoms.

It Will Have You Covered for Any Adventure

Petite activewear will become your go-to pieces for any and all adventures you choose to seek out in 2021. Did you just buy your first yoga mat? Are you planning a long hike with your family? Did you just adopt a new dog you’ll need to start taking on walks twice a day? Are you completing your at-home gym with some intense weights? No matter what new experiences this year will bring for you, you’ll be covered in your petite workout clothes.

For at-home yoga sessions, opt for comfortable, breathable cotton petite t-shirts paired with your comfiest yoga pants. For that long hike, look for a petite long-sleeve tee with a trendy crewneck that can be worn as a layer over your favorite sports bra or a moisture-wicking tank. And for long walks with your new furry friend, keep a petite pullover sweater handy so you can be ready to head out around the neighborhood whenever you (and your pup!) feel like it.

It Will Help You Feel Your Best

This year is your year. Rocking a rotation of activewear that fits like a dream, in fun and trendy patterns and comfy materials, will have you feeling extra confident no matter what the days bring. We love activewear for its versatility, so always keep in mind that these pieces can absolutely be worn as-is for active adventures, or dressed up as desired. With the right combinations of layers and accessories, a few petite activewear items will go a long way in making your wardrobe seem completely refreshed. Pair your favorite new active top with leggings and a denim jacket to run errands in style, or layer that petite pullover sweater over a collared button-down for a video call. These wardrobe essentials will allow you to effortlessly go about your day in comfort and confidence.

Whether you’re aiming to get active, stay active, or simply upgrade your wardrobe, we know that petite activewear will change your year for the better. Here’s to a great 2021!

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