The Best Women's Plus Size Jackets for Camping Escapades

The Best Women's Plus Size Jackets for Camping Escapades

Nothing beats the adventure and enjoyment of camping, but having the right attire is crucial for having a good time. Don't let a chill in the air ruin your camping fun. Be prepared with the perfect plus size camping jacket to stay looking fabulous and warm.

Deciding on the Right Jacket Type

There is a wide range of jacket types that are suitable for camping. Ideally, a jacket will provide the right level of warmth for the temperature, have a flattering fit, and be comfortable to wear. Different jacket types have different advantages to consider, so it's worth taking some time to think about the different options before you buy. Some of the possibilities include plus size fleece jackets, plus size packable down coats, field jackets, barn jackets, raincoats, water-resistant lined jackets, flannel shirt jackets, and denim jackets.

Fleece Jackets Are Great for Layering

Fleece jackets are a good option for camping because they are cozy, can easily be layered over or under other items, and have a flattering fit. Many styles are slightly fitted and fall at the hip for a stylish look. Side pockets are typical for these jackets, making it easy to stow small items while camping. A fleece jacket can be a great partner to a raincoat or other water-resistant coat to provide that extra layer of warmth.

Packable Down Is Made for Camping

A packable down coat makes an ideal camping jacket because it's lightweight, can easily be stowed when not in use, and provides the necessary coziness. These jackets provide the warmth a camper needs but don't have excess bulk, so they're a great option for plus size women. Consider a packable down coat that is water-resistant or won't lose heat if it gets damp. These jackets are usually available in multiple colors, making it easy to choose your favorite hue. A plus size down vest is another option that's handy for camping.

Field Jackets Hold Up to the Elements

Field jackets are designed for outdoor wear, so they are a natural choice for a camping jacket. They are made of durable materials, such as cotton/nylon blends, and typically have multiple pockets. Colors are usually muted or more neutral hues, such as olive green or navy, which work well for camping since they are less likely to stain or show dirt. To find the best field jacket for you, look for a version that is water-resistant and has some type of lining for coziness and warmth. Field jackets are usually lightly structured and look flattering; they are not too tight to restrict movement, but they are also not oversized or too loose. The buttons and pockets also add to the look for understated style.

Barn Jackets Keep You Warm and Cozy

Barn jackets are another type of outerwear plus-size women can turn to for camping. Designed to keep the wearer warm in cool or cold weather, barn jackets usually have lightweight insulation and a water-resistant finish. There is typically a variety of colors available, though often in muted hues, as with field jackets. All barn jackets are made to be durable, though the exterior may differ in style. Some styles are quilted, while others are made with a solid fabric. They have lightweight insulation, so they are usually easy to pack and store. Consider features like storm flaps and snap-close pockets to make the most of your barn jacket for camping.

Raincoats Ward Off the Chill

It's hard to know what the weather will do during a camping excursion, so a plus size rain jacket can make a handy companion. A lined raincoat style may be the best option for camping since it can provide more warmth than a standard rain jacket. Alternately, ladies can layer fleece or other jackets with an unlined raincoat to ensure adequate warmth as well as protection from the elements. Raincoats are lightweight and easy to pack for camping. A belted raincoat is a stylish option that works well for plus size ladies because it draws the eye inward at the waist and adds balance to the figure. Many styles also come in pretty colors or fun prints.

Choose Water-Resistant Lined Coats for Colder Weather

Heavier plus size winter coats that are lined and made to be water-resistant are good choices for camping in colder weather. Although a heavy jacket won't be as easy to pack and store as a packable down or barn jacket, it has the extra warmth and resistance to the elements necessary for camping in cold weather. Check to make sure the temperature rating is sufficient for the temperatures you'll be camping in to ensure comfort.

Stay Stylish With Denim Jackets

A lightweight option great for camping in warmer weather is a denim jacket. While it doesn't provide the same level of warmth as other jackets on this list, denim is durable and can add an extra layer to ward off a spring or summer chill in the air. The slightly boxy shape and stylish buttons on most plus size jean jackets for women make them a smart option for those looking for an attractive layering piece for their camping wardrobes.

Hoods or No Hoods?

Another consideration to keep in mind when deciding on a camping jacket is whether to get a hooded style or a jacket with no hood. A hood can be a good choice for sudden weather changes and for extra warmth, but it also adds a bit more bulk, especially when packing. Evaluate temperature and typical weather patterns at the camping location when deciding whether to get a hooded camping jacket.

Go Camping in Style

The perfect jacket to wear camping will depend on weather conditions, time of year, and style preference. Fortunately, a host of choices, from packable down coats to durable field jackets, means that there's something for every woman.


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