Pajama Party: Perfect PJs for the Whole Family

Pajama Party: Perfect PJs for the Whole Family

When is the last time you bought yourself some new pajamas? You may find yourself buying new PJs for the kids every season, since they grow out of them so quickly, while you repeatedly wear the same sleepwear year after year.

Take a look at your sleep shirts. Are they entirely faded and stretched so far that you can see through them? Are they even pajamas, or are they simply old T-shirts that you don’t like wearing in public? Now take a look at your sleep bottoms or nightgowns. Are they so worn that they’ve become “pilly,” with little balls of fabric hanging on them by a tight thread? Or does the fabric feel more like paper than cotton? If so, it is time to invest in some new pajamas. As such, keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for the perfect pajamas for the entire family, and don’t forget about yourself!

Pajamas for Him

He might want to sleep in some men’s long underwear, or maybe just some comfortable boxers or briefs with a crewneck undershirt. For the undershirts, look for material like extra-soft cotton that’s combed to leave only the strong, soft fibers. Also, the seams should be smooth so they don’t scratch the skin. For warmer weather, if it is long underwear he prefers, Thermaskin™ is great because its high stretch gives a natural feel that fits snuggly but moves with the body. It is also moisture-wicking, so it pulls moisture away from the body for dryness and comfort. Thermaskin™ long underwear makes a great base layer during the day, too.

Sleepwear for Her

Women’s sleepwear comes in a wide variety of styles, and women have their preferences. Some like nightgowns, others like short and shirt combinations, and some like the crisp look and feel of traditional button-down pajama tops with pants. Whatever the preference, the key to comfort is finding the right fit. It may be difficult to catch sleep at all if the pants are too tight or if the shirt or nightgown is too baggy and loose, getting caught up among the sheets every time you toss and turn. That’s why it is important to follow the sizing guidelines and measure the hips, waist, and bust in inches before choosing the size of pajamas instead of relying on typical sizes. Different clothing retailers have different sizing standards, after all.

Pajamas for the Kids

When it comes to buying boys pajamas and girls, their age range makes all the difference. After all, they may like certain characters on their pajamas when they’re really young, but they won’t want those same characters and princesses on their PJs when they’re older. Instead, they’ll start to want to wear more adult-like pajamas. Design aside, there are also safety considerations to be aware of when choosing pajamas for kids. In fact, federal safety guidelines state that children’s sleepwear must be either flame-resistant or be tight-fitting per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This makes sizing and quality important factors when choosing pajamas for kids. You want to make sure they fit snug, but not so tightly that it makes them uncomfortable.

Matching PJs for the Whole Family

Nothing creates a sense of unity during a family night inside than wearing matching family pajamas for a little bit of fun. Especially during wintertime, matching flannel pajamas can be not only cute but also comfy and warm. You can even have them monogrammed or personalized with a special symbol or design for each family member. Of course, not every pair of pajamas has to match perfectly. After all, everyone might have different preferences when it comes to the style of pajamas they like best. In that case, they can simply match in color. Regardless, if you manage to get the whole family in matching (or somewhat matching) pajamas, be sure to get a group photo, because it makes for a really cute Christmas card during the holidays.

When it comes to having an ultimate pajama party, don’t forget that pets are family, too! When it is chilly in the wintertime, there are some cute options for doggy PJs to keep them warm and snuggly with their favorite humans. Once you’re all dressed and snug as a bug in a rug, don’t forget to pick a movie or some games and some of your favorite snacks. You may find that you all end up having so much fun that family pajama parties end up becoming a weekly ritual in your house.


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