The Perfect Dress Shirt for Him

The Perfect Dress Shirt for Him

Whether your partner is in need of some new seasonal styles or you just want to surprise your sweetheart with something special, discovering the perfect men's dress shirts for him can bring a smile to his face and help him look his best. Here are some tips on how to decide what will work best for his preferences, size, and style.

What Makes a Shirt Dressy?

First, look at your guy’s style and consider what exactly is dressy attire for him. A guy that wears a uniform for work and spends his free time in relaxed jeans and a tee probably won’t want to dress in a super formal style unless he has to. Guys that normally wear a shirt and tie for the office might be looking for something with a little more style to wear outside of work, or they may be in need of those classic neutrals to pull off their work wardrobe. Taking a few moments to think about the types of clothes he needs and wants to wear can help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the perfect dress shirt.

Types of Dress Shirts

Because what a dress shirt means to your guy can vary, take a look at the different style options that could be considered dress shirts:

Fabric Options for Men’s Dress Shirts

Today, most fabric options for men’s dress shirts are designed to provide maximum style, a flattering fit, and comfort. A few choices in fabrics for men’s dress shirts include Supima cotton (made to be durable but also very soft and smooth), broadcloth (an easy-care, all-cotton fabric that’s silky to the touch), and fabric blends (such as cotton/polyester blends that keep their shape and have a cooling feel). Other dress shirt options include rayon blends, linen, cotton oxford, poplin, and twill. Many of these shirts can be layered and worn under his favorite men's sweater, too.

Consider Dress Shirt Cuts and Designs

The design and cut of the dress shirt will also come into play when shopping for the ideal men’s dress shirt. The most common types are a traditional fit, which has a tailored, clean, and polished look, and a slim fit, which fits closer to the body than a traditional fit. The cut really depends on a man’s personal preferences; some like the look and feel of the traditional cuts, while others prefer the more closely tailored slim design.

Fit and Measurements

The fit of the shirt depends on a few different aspects. Men’s dress shirts may come in measurable sizes, which will include the sleeve length and neck measurements. They may also come in general sizes like small, medium, large, and extra-large along with big and tall sizes. Even though a guy might generally wear a shirt in one of these sizes, a dress shirt could be different, especially depending on the cut and his neck measurements. Look at size charts, reviews, and sizing tips on the brand’s website to help ensure you order the correct fit.

Color and Pattern

There are lots of variations in colors and patterns in men’s dress shirts. From classics like crisp white and pale blue to modern black or coral, you can find a favorite color for him. Prints and patterns also vary from checked styles that incorporate several colors to subtle prints or stripes. Your best bet is to take a look at the existing styles he wears and get a feel for the colors and styles he prefers. However, don’t feel locked into getting something similar to what he already owns; he may be more than ready for a change and love wearing a different look.

Choosing the Perfect Shirt for the Perfect Guy

When it comes to choosing a dress shirt for your guy, you want to get him the best. Looking at the different features and details can help you make the right choice. When in doubt, check the return policies to make sure he can exchange it easily if it doesn’t fit. The right dress shirt will keep him in style and pair well with his favorite men's pants.


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