Guide to The Perfect Beach Towel For 2023

Guide to The Perfect Beach Towel For 2023

Does the perfect beach towel exist? Yes and no. The answer is yes in the sense that there is a perfect beach towel for every individual and the answer is also no because every individual has different beach plans!

Luckily, we’re here to break it down and help you find the perfect beach towel for this summer. Whether you’re off to the white sandy beaches of the tropics, headed to a cool mountain lake, or just taking the kids to the pool, there is an ideal beach towel for you.

Microfiber Beach Towels

Microfiber beach towels are made from tightly woven synthetic materials that are super-soft, super-absorbent, and super-lightweight. These towels are quick-drying and incredibly easy to pack up and go. We recommend choosing a microfiber towel if you are traveling or frequently on the go, as these tend to be the most lightweight and easily packable towels. Microfiber, though entirely synthetic, can easily be made from recycled materials, so be sure to choose an eco-friendly style.

Microfiber towels are also an excellent choice for athletes for the same reasons. Whether you’re looking for an easy, quick-drying towel choice to take to the gym with you to swim laps, or you have a child on the water polo team who needs a soft and absorbent towel to shove into the backpack on the way to school, microfiber is likely the choice for you.

Terry Cloth Towels

When you think of “beach towel,” a classic terry cloth beach towel is likely the image that comes to mind — and for good reason! Terry cloth is a super-absorbent, soft, and thick cotton blend. If you live near the beach or are headed for a beach vacation soon, look no further than this classic type of beach towel.

A large, soft, absorbent terry cloth beach towel is an excellent option for beach or lake-side lounging and is probably the best for quickly absorbing water and wrapping around you to keep warm, post-swim. If you plan on taking your pup swimming with you, don’t forget to throw an extra towel for her into your pet supplies.

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels, or Turkish cotton towels, are an increasingly popular trend in the world of beach-goers and travelers alike. These towels are made with eco-friendly Turkish cotton, usually in beautiful and stylish designs, and incredibly lightweight. This style of towel is very thin and easily folds flat. This tightly woven material is wonderfully soft and it's also sand-resistant.

These Turkish cotton towels are an excellent choice for a sandy beach trip, as they are the least likely to trap sand that could end up in your bag, car, or even your washing machine later on. Just fold this trendy but practical towel up, throw it into your beach bag and you’re ready to go.

Beach Towels Just For Kids

Investing in the perfect beach towel just for your little ones is well worth it. Just as they need uniquely styled kids' bathing suits, they also need a beach towel made just for them.

We recommend a small, ultra-soft, and highly absorbent beach towel with a hood for the little ones. Kids tend to love the warmth and security (and fun!) of a cute hooded beach towel. These also have the added benefit of reducing the chances of wet hair dripping everywhere on your way home.

Hands-Free Beach Towels

Another excellent choice for parents is the “hands-free” beach towel. These towels feature a handle or loop for easy portability. This style is also perfect for avoiding getting your towel unnecessarily wet or dirty with damp, sandy hands.

Throw your hands-free towel into your easy carry cinch-bag on your way to the beach and then use the ultra-convenience loop or handle feature to hang your towel to dry afterward.

Sending The Kids To Summer Camp This Year? It’s Time For A Monogrammed Towel

Do your kids love going to camp every summer? Whether they attend day camp a few days a week or stay at an overnight adventure camp all summer, they can quickly lose their things in the excitement of camper life.

The perfect towel for your little camper is a kid’s monogrammed towel. Rest assured that even those little ones known for misplacing their belongings will find their way back to their favorite beach towel, designed just for them.

So, does the perfect beach towel exist? For you and yours, for your specific adventures — yes, it does!


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