Packing Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Packing Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Traveling over Thanksgiving can be great fun, and you can count on Lands’ End to keep you cozy along the way. Let’s look at some packing tips for Thanksgiving travel.

Ask About the Agenda

If you will be visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving, ask them in advance what activities are planned and who is likely to be there. What will they be wearing for Thanksgiving dinner? Are there any special events planned over the weekend? Will there be outdoor activities? By asking upfront, you will be prepared with the right clothes, shoes, and outerwear for all the fun. If the plans seem to be up in the air, bring one pair of black dress pants, a nice sweater, and a cute pair of flats just in case. This ensemble can get you through an unexpected dinner invitation to that new white cloth restaurant (or anywhere else that you might not be comfortable walking in wearing jeans).

Think Double Duty

When planning what clothes to pack, think about packing for double duty. Unless you spill something on them, you can wear most jeans or neutral pants two days in a row. One pair of white or black tennis shoes will get you through any super-casual activity, whether it’s a movie at the mall or a short hike. One pair of black dress shoes will work for multiple occasions. One women’s fleece jacket might be all the outerwear you need for the whole trip. Stick to neutral colors on the bottom (and perhaps on the top as well) with one or two pops of color. Choose neutral jewelry so you can wear one “set” for the entire trip.

For a casual Thanksgiving weekend, the most versatile outfit you can pack is a pair of dark-wash jeans and a white women’s blouse. You can dress this up or down and wear the blouse by itself or layered underneath a cardigan or blazer. With some jewelry and a cute pair of booties, this ensemble will take you out on the town, too.

Keep Comfort Items Close

We all have our comfort items when we travel. Make sure to keep your wallet, your phone, a spare charger, a good book, a hairbrush, hand sanitizer, and a comfy cardigan sweater within reach. Having these items on hand will make it much easier to feel comfortable and put together regardless of any delays you may encounter along the way.

The right backpack can be a big advantage when traveling. If you are in the market for a new one, find one that is sturdy and big enough for all your stuff yet easy to maneuver with zipper pockets in all of the right places. That way, you can pull out your phone when you want to check a reservation or listen to an audiobook.

Outerwear Is Essential

Take the weather into account at home, en route, and at your destination when planning your outerwear. Are you traveling to a colder or warmer climate than your home? If so, you will want to be comfortable when you are leaving and getting back as well as the entire time you are there. Packable down coats are easy to tuck into a backpack or carry-on yet will keep you toasty when you need them.

Even if the weather predictions are for warmth, make sure to have a cozy cardigan or women’s fleece jacket with you. Climate control is more of a goal than a reality in most buildings, and even in warm climates, the evenings can get chilly. You can also wear a hoodie for extra warmth, roll it up and use it as a pillow, and easily stash it away when it’s not in use.

Pack Like a Pro

Only pack clothing you like. This tactic will not only save you space in your luggage but make getting to your items easier. Pack outfits together and roll up soft garments like women’s yoga pants and T-shirts. Zip your gloves into jacket or coat pockets for easy access. Pack shoes carefully (and in plastic bags) to keep both them and the rest of your clothes in good shape.

You won’t want to overpack, but it never hurts to have an extra T-shirt, underwear, and socks. If you end up wearing more than one outfit in a day for any reason, you’ll be glad you did. Consider tossing in small items, such as a laundry pen, a plastic trash bag for your laundry, and hand sanitizer. Make sure you know where your phone, wallet, and keys are at all times.

By using these easy packing tips, you'll be ready for a great trip. Have a wonderful time traveling over Thanksgiving!


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