Packing Light for a Christmas Destination Wedding

Packing Light for a Christmas Destination Wedding

Anyone who has gotten married will tell you that the wedding planning process can become quite an overwhelming and stressful experience. That is often part of the reason why some couples opt for a destination wedding instead. Destination weddings are generally smaller and more intimate affairs; however, there is still a good amount of planning that is involved in taking that route. In this post, we want to help make that planning process a lot simpler for you. If you are planning a destination wedding, here are a few tips that will help you pack light.

Start By Making a Checklist of Categories

You are inevitably going to end up packing more for a destination wedding than just a regular old vacation. If you feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know where to begin, sit down and make a list of everything you know you will need to bring. Separate all those items into specific categories. You will need a wedding day attire category, a toiletry category, a personal items category, and so on. Once you have your master list, you can start gathering the things.

Packing For Your Guests

Obviously you aren’t going to literally pack for your wedding guests or bridal party, but you can help them by supplying them with a checklist of everything they will need. If you are going to a tropical destination, remind your guests that they will need to pack things like swimsuits, towels, beachy canvas tote bags, and sunscreen. For the wedding day, they will need to pack their bridesmaid’s dress or groomsmen’s tuxedo (preferably in a separate suitcase) and any other articles of clothing they will need for the rest of the time at the destination. Tell them it’ll be a good idea to pack everything from credit cards and cash to personal products like hair tools and toiletries in their carry-on. Finally, tell them to double and triple-check that they have packed their passports and anything else pertinent to international travel.

Packing For The Bride

The bride has a lot on her plate! So the sooner you are able to pack all the bridal attire and accessories, the better. Obviously, the wedding gown is a must and anything that goes with it, such as a veil, shoes, a clutch purse, and underwear. Also, pack a bag of extra hair accessories like hairpins or hairspray that you might need throughout the course of the wedding day. Have another bag filled with makeup products and toiletries like a nail skit, a sewing kit, and perfume. If you know the place you are staying at or the wedding venue won’t have these items, you may also want to pack getting-ready products, like a women’s robe or a button-down shirt.

Packing For The Groom

Packing for the groom is usually less involved than packing for the bride. After all, he doesn’t have to worry about how to pack a gorgeous wedding gown and all the accessories that go with it. Still, he will need to take measures to protect his tuxedo during travel. He will also need to keep a checklist of everything else he will need, including a toiletry bag with a razor and shaving cream, his wedding shoes and socks, cufflinks, and a tie or bow tie. Like everything else on this list, the sooner he can pack up all these items the better and clearer the packing and planning process will be.

Packing For The Couple

Aside from the outfits and personal attire the couple will need individually, they also need to think about what they will both need together. Have a separate bag or compartment filled with all the things the soon-to-be-wed couple will need to bring. This includes the marriage license, an itinerary for the trip, copies of contract information with vendors and their contact information, wedding bands (stored safely in a box), their handwritten vows (with extra copies), and honeymoon essentials (if the couple plans to honeymoon in the destination or go on a honeymoon right after the wedding). If you are bringing in gifts for vendors and the bridal party instead of getting things at the destination, remember to pack those items too (including thank-you cards).

Have Your Bridal Party Give You a Hand

One of the perks of having a bridal party is that they’re not only there to celebrate the special occasion with you, but they are also there to help you! If you are all traveling together on the same day, designate a specific bag to each member of the bridal party (and make it clear you plan to cover the baggage check fees if you plan to do so…their job is just to keep track of the bag). For example, your maid-of-honor might be responsible for the bag that contains everything the couple needs in addition to her own personal bag. The best man may be responsible for keeping track of the bag that contains wedding décor and gifts for the vendors and bridal party.

General Packing Tips

If your goal is to keep the packing light, you have to know how to pack like a pro. For example, instead of folding your clothes, you can make more room in your suitcase by rolling your clothes. Also, take advantage of every little nook and cranny. Use all the space you have. If you are packing shoes in your suitcase, stuff socks in the shoes. Pack your heaviest items at the base of the suitcase and bring bags to put dirty laundry into. These little tips go a long way.

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