How to Pack for a Weekend Golf Getaway

How to Pack for a Weekend Golf Getaway

A weekend spent golfing is a favorite spring and summer activity for many people—you get to be outside, get in some exercise, and have fun with friends while playing. If you have a golf weekend planned with friends or family, there are some must-have items in your suitcase, ranging from the obvious (golf clubs) to the not-so-obvious (dressy shoes).

Ready to get packing? Here’s what to bring to a weekend golf getaway.

Pack Capri Pants

Capri pants are a classic item to wear on a day out on the golf course, so it’s a good idea to pack yourself a few pairs for your weekend getaway. Your capri pants will keep your legs warm in case of unexpected chilly weather, but their ankle-peeping nature also means your legs will be able to breathe as you make your way across the course.

Twill capris in colors like khaki, white, or navy are ideal for golfing, and capris in floral or polka dot prints are good options, too. You can wear your capris with one of your most comfortable women’s t-shirts as you make your way through the course.

Bring a Polo Shirt

Women’s polo shirts are quintessential golf attire, whether you opt for a white polo, a red polo, or a multicolored polo shirt. Polos go well with capris, women’s khaki pants, and golf skirts—and fit right into golf’s naturally preppy vibe.

Plus, polo shirts can easily be dressed up with a cardigan and a leather purse for a post-game happy hour.

Add a Light Jacket To Your Bag

It’s always a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket on vacation—you never know when an unexpected storm or unseasonably chilly day may occur. By bringing a lightweight jacket with you on your golf getaway, you’ll be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

For your trip, pick whatever women’s lightweight jackets make the most sense for your trip. Going to a dry climate? Bring a denim jacket. Heading to a rainy area? Bring a lightweight rain jacket. You can wear your lightweight jacket on the golf course, off the course, or even as you travel to your getaway destination.

Pack the Right Shoes

You don’t want to be stuck in uncomfortable shoes during a weekend of golfing. Instead, pack your golf shoes (if you have them) or a pair of rubber-soled sneakers if you don’t. Just make sure whatever shoes you plan on wearing all day are comfortable.

And while you want to make sure your golf shoes are comfortable, be sure to also pack a pair of shoes that you can wear off the course. You’ll likely be spending time at restaurants or bars in the town after your golf day—you don’t want to be stuck in sneakers at a fine dining restaurant! Depending on the climate at your getaway destination, pack a pair of dressy sandals or a pair of low-heeled shoes.

Bring a Breezy Dress

In the same vein as dress shoes, you also want to make sure you pack an outfit for any off-the-course fun that's planned—whether it’s dinner or a day spent shopping in a nearby town. Pack yourself one of your favorite women’s dresses. Make sure it’s a versatile dress (like a black jersey dress or a patterned maxi dress) that can easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories. This dress can be the item you wear off the golf course whether you’re heading to a daytime event or a nighttime soirée.

Just make sure it pairs well with whatever dressy shoes you decide to wear. Once again, you don’t want to be stuck in a pair of sneakers with a breezy dress.

Don’t Forget Your Golf Clubs

It can’t be a golf getaway without your golf gear. While this may go without saying, pack your golf clubs and golf balls for your weekend trip. Worst case, you can likely rent some from the golf club, but do you really want to be without your go-to (even lucky!) golf gear?

Pack Plenty of Sun Protection

It’s no secret that a day spent golfing means lots of sun exposure. Make sure you’re prepared for your weekend golf getaway by packing plenty of sunblock and a few hats that protect your face from the UV rays.

With all of this in mind, you’ll be all set for a fun-filled weekend golf trip. Now it’s time to grab your favorite travel bags for women and start packing.


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