Packing for a Summer Trip to Hong Kong, Flying First Class as a Couple

Packing for a Summer Trip to Hong Kong, Flying First Class as a Couple

Are the two of you planning a summer trip to Hong Kong? You’ll have an amazing time! Let’s look at some packing tips to make your trip first-rate from the moment you leave until the moment you return home.

Cool and Comfy Clothing

Hong Kong during the summer is gorgeous! It’s also known for its heat and humidity, so you will want to pack your lightest-weight clothing. Shopping for a vacation is fun! If you don’t already have several cool and comfy pants and top combinations, why not make a mini project out of getting what you and your partner will need to stay stylish and comfy for your trip?

Lightweight chinos and short-sleeved polos are a great combination. Women’s cotton tank tops can be great, but you’ll want to stay away from tight or revealing clothing as the culture is conservative. Shorts are also an excellent choice; just stick to walking shorts instead of short shorts. Learning as much about the culture before you go will not only help you to be a good guest, but it will be fun, too.

If you like skirts and dresses, stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton or silk. Linen is also an excellent choice, but you will want to plan how to stay wrinkle-free for special occasions if you choose linen. Perhaps pack a few favorite linen smart casual outfits for the evening. Despite the warm weather, you’ll also want some layering options in case you run into overly air-conditioned locales. Having a neat blazer or lightweight cardigan in a neutral color that will work with different outfits is a great strategy.

Super Swimwear

The beaches in Hong Kong are gorgeous and a must for your itinerary. It’s a great idea to pack at least two swimsuits. That way, you can have one drying in your hotel and still have a fresh one to pull out when you want to play in the water or lounge on the beach for a change of pace. One-piece swimsuits are great for a more modest culture like Hong Kong. Consider asking friends or family members who have already traveled there for advice. No matter what suits you choose, you’ll want to have a comfy beach cover-up with you. For the guys, this might mean a T-shirt or sun shirt they can wear with their men’s swimsuit.

Fabulous Footwear

Walking shoes or well-constructed walking sandals are much-needed. With all of the cultural sights and shopping, you will have miles of fun. If you enjoy hiking, be sure to include good hiking boots so you can enjoy the hiking trails in Hong Kong. It’s smart to buy these in advance and go on some “practice hikes” to make sure they are well broken in before your trip. Be sure to plan your route and the length of your hike to match both your levels of fitness and taste. There is beautiful scenery to be seen on both short and long hikes.

A note about socks: Pack plenty of good-quality socks to stay comfy on your trip. You and your partner will both want to have the option of showering and changing clothes from head to toe a bit more often than you might in the States. Having dry, comfy socks at the ready can make all the difference. Even if you like to pack light, include more men’s and women’s socks than you think you will need.

Ever-Ready Rain Gear

Always have rain gear ready during the summer in Hong Kong, as tropical storms are a possibility. Buying men’s and women’s rain jackets you can fold up and carry in your day pack is a great idea. Umbrellas are nice, too, but each of you will want to have at least one full-sized rain jacket that will keep you dry in both rain and wind.

Best Backpacks

You’ll want a great backpack to use as a carry-on for your trip and probably a smaller one you can use as a day pack for excursions once you are on your adventure in Hong Kong. Start by thinking about what you will need to bring with you when shopping for backpacks. Making a list or even laying everything out on a table or bed can help you visualize how much room you will need. Always go a bit bigger than you think you will need, as you will want flexibility when you are traveling.

Keep quality in mind by shopping for well-constructed rugged materials and a well-designed backpack. Check how well the zippers work, read up on any ratings on the fabric (including how water resistant it may be), and make sure that the main storage areas and smaller pockets all are convenient for your individual needs. You’ll want to be able to pull out your passport, phone, or that hoodie to keep you warm on the plane without digging around for them.

With some intentional shopping and packing, you and your partner will have the time of your lives for your summer Hong Kong vacation. Enjoy!


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