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Oversized Blazers for Spring and Soft, Relaxed Tailored Suiting

If you are looking for soft spring looks that will take you from day to evening and keep you looking and feeling great, consider an oversized blazer. They are comfy, versatile, and oh-so on-trend.

Oversized Fits Just Right

“Oversized” is a cut that is roomy and sharp-looking. To get the look you want, start with the size that fits. You will want to take bust, waist, hips, and sleeve length into account. Take a little time with a tape measure in the comfort of your home and record your measurements on your smartphone for easy access. This will make shopping online quicker and easier. Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store will also be more efficient. You can share your measurements with a salesperson when asking for help finding sizes.

Oversized blazers have another advantage with respect to size. Similar to men’s suits, they will continue to work for you if your weight or muscle tone changes a bit, or if you want to wear a thinner or thicker top underneath. They play well with an array of fabrics and textures, from slim silks to comfy knits to chunky sweaters. This flexibility will allow you to create a variety of looks with one garment.

Soft Spring Looks

Whether you go for classic neutrals or pretty pastels for spring, a relaxed fit looks and feels soft. Oversized blazers are a great choice if the air still has a chill or you are indoors with less-than-perfect climate control, layering with an oversized blazer is a great option.

For a go-to spring staple, choose a neutral-colored oversized blazer in taupe, gray, or soft tweed. For a dressier look, stick with all neutrals in your outfit with dark casual or dress pants. When in doubt, wear dark pants and lighter colors on top to look both polished and “balanced.” On the other hand, if you are craving spring colors, treat yourself to your favorite pastel color in an oversized blazer. It will be an instant pick-me-up and pair well with black pants and a white or black top.

Very Versatile

Are you heading to the office or out to run errands? Do you want a look that will transition from your workday to dinner out? Soft suiting to the rescue! If you love the comfort of casual clothes and still crave style, add an oversized blazer to your outfit for the best of both worlds.

Oversized blazers have several advantages over their slimmer-cut cousins. They are perfect for layering, their relaxed fit is super comfy, and they can go from casual to dressy depending on how you style them. You can wear anything from a tank top to a thick women’s sweater underneath an oversized blazer. Tossing on a blazer is the fastest way to change up your look and go from super casual to casual chic or casual to dressy.

Why not go through your closet and pull out several pairs of pants, from jeans to leggings to dress pants, and several different tops? You can mix and match them to see what combinations you like best. Make sure to try different women’s shoes, bags, and jewelry to get the full effect. When you spot a great combination, take a selfie so you can easily recreate that look in the future. A fun way to make outfits easy is to hang the pants, tops, and blazers you plan to wear as a set in your closet. You can plan your looks in advance and just pull them out and put them on.

Tailored Is Trending

If you enjoy keeping up with influencers online or thumbing through your favorite fashion magazines, no doubt you have noticed that oversized blazers are everywhere. Celebrities have been spotted out and about in the day with oversized blazers over casual tops and baggy jeans, as well as out in the evening with an oversized blazer layered over anything from a corset top to a classic women’s white blouse and then paired with dress pants and either sophisticated flats or heels. If you see a striking look, why not try it out yourself? Imitation is the highest form of flattery (and is great fun when it comes to fashion). You can take a look from a favorite celebrity and put your spin on it.

Like all great trends, enjoy the oversized blazer trend while it is here, but opt for quality pieces when you shop. Fashion has a delightful way of cycling back around, and an oversized blazer is a piece you can wear this year and into the future.

If you are longing for spring fashions, you’re not alone. Why not try an oversized blazer or soft spring suiting? You’ll be glad you did!


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