Fun and Practical Outfits to Wear on a Hiking Date

8 Cute and Practical Outfits to Wear on a Hiking Date

You’re all excited for your next date out in the great outdoors. Whether you’re a beginner cruising on a flat trail or huffing and puffing up a sharp incline, you’ll want an outfit that looks stylish and functional. If you’re looking for a chic yet athletic look for your next hiking trip, read on to find out eight cute and practical outfits to wear on a hiking date.


In case you’re hiking during the cold-weather months or simply trekking through a brisk trail, you’ll love a good fleece jacket or women’s fleece sweater to take on and off at any time. Also, consider a fleece top or fleece pants. You can really commit to the look by wearing full-on fleece from your head to your toes.

Keep It Casual

When we say casual, we don’t mean jeans. Avoid wearing jeans since denim is quite heavy and will weigh you down. Go for a casual look with everyday active pants that are sporty while still being comfortable. While cotton is too thick and can be extremely uncomfortable when you get sweaty or if it rains, pants made mainly of polyester with some spandex are ideal for your hiking date. Try out pants made with at least UPF 50 protection to help prevent sunburns. Even when you’re not hiking, casual pants that are fade-resistant bode well for lounging around the house or your work-from-home commute from your bed to your kitchen table.

Fancy Feet

It’s not just about the right kind of shoes like hiking boots. You’ll also want to wear appropriate socks for hiking. If you don’t plan on wearing socks, plan on it because the wrong kind of socks or no socks at all make a bad time for your hiking date. If you’ve ever had to break in a pair of flats for the first time, you know what blisters feel like. Imagine you’re hiking all day and you have hiking blisters or the water or mud has soaked through your shoes. It’s painful, uncomfortable, and quite honestly, it doesn’t smell nice either. Choose socks that wick moisture away from your feet like a blend of wool and synthetics, which allow your tired feet to breathe.

Fall Flannel

Layer it up because you can always take it off if it gets too warm. Nothing says fall hiking quite like flannel shirts. It’s the one layer you can’t leave behind on your hiking date. The elastic and durable fall flannel is a warm essential for layering. Wear a comfy T-shirt underneath so that you can tie the flannel around your waist if it gets too hot outside. Besides the flannel jacket and shirt, flannel vests are a stylish middle ground for when you need a little extra warmth without feeling or looking too bulky.

Rain Jacket

You never know how the weather will change when you’re hiking. You don’t want to be caught all in cotton when it rains. A rain jacket will protect you from wet conditions or unexpected rain. Check out the women’s waterproof packable raincoat. It comes in adorable colors like peacock teal and royal cobalt, so you’ll be looking fabulous and staying dry on your next hiking date.

Accessorize It!

Looks like your dad is having the last laugh because the fanny pack is back. Fanny packs, waist packs, and lumbar packs are all ideal ways to carry your essentials for a hands-free hiking experience. Unlike a fanny pack, the lumbar pack sits behind instead of the front, It’s also ideal in case you don’t want a heavy backpack pressing against your back. Other than the packing essentials, other accessories you’ll want to stay warm include a chic and lightweight beanie, mittens, and gloves. While gloves allow for more movement, which can be useful if you’re grabbing onto trees or rocks when climbing, mittens will typically keep your fingers warmer than gloves will.


You’re bound to find the right pair of trousers for all of your different kinds of hiking excursions. Doing an easygoing hiking date with your loved one and your dog? Go for lightweight backpacking trousers. Plan on doing an overnight trip in the mountains? You’ll want a pair of serious mountaineering pants. There are so many options for comfy pants that are perfect for hiking. Try corduroy pants for women like the sport knit high-rise corduroys. No matter the terrain, you’ll want pants that are lightweight and quick-drying to keep you safe and warm through any sudden climate changes.

Look Leggy in Leggings

It’s time to get your leggings outside of the house to join you on your outdoor adventures. Not only is it a treasured athleisure staple, but they’re also a stylish choice for hiking because they’re form-fitting, comfortable, and actually look athletic. Choose leggings that offer breathability, which is just as important as insulation. This way, your pants won’t hold on to too much moisture when you’re sweating it out. Too much moisture when you’re trekking can cause a chill if the temperature drops during your hike, especially if you’re doing an overnight trip.

The best part about all of these outfit choices is that it doesn’t just have to be autumn to wear your fabulous flannel or feel cozy in your fleece. You can wear these year-round, especially when hiking, as you never know how the conditions can change on the terrain or as you’re going up the mountain. Get ready for an adventure with all of these fun new outfits in mind.

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