6 Outfits for Guests at a Seaside Destination Wedding

6 Outfits for Guests at a Seaside Destination Wedding

Your friend or family member is getting married! Whether the couple has a dream to be married on the Mediterranean shores of Italy or happened to find a fabulous location in Central America, you know you are going to be at a seaside wedding in a few months. Aside from taking care of work so you can get the time off, budgeting for your plane ticket, and making sure you are all packed and ready to go, you have to bring not just a good wedding outfit but a seaside stunner.

This outfit might be a little different from a regular wedding outfit since the setting is so unique. You are no longer in your home cityscape or desert or mountain environment. The destination has white sands, a hot sun, the cool, clear water...what sort of combination fits the scene? Here are six outfits for guests for a seaside destination wedding.

For the Ladies

Weddings are one of the fancier occasions we celebrate, so dresses of some variety are always encouraged. Plus, these locations tend to get pretty warm when you are out in the sun, so making sure you have a decent skirt to help with airflow could be pretty high on the priority list. You do have to try to balance exposure with sunburn risk, though. A sleeveless dress will help you keep cool, but having sleeves could also mean your shoulders are better protected. Loose sleeves might get you both goals, as could a firm resolution to reapply sunscreen every hour. Remember, as you get closer to the equator, the sun gets harsher, and your burn time gets shorter, particularly if you were pale, to begin with.

And speaking of burning, wearing shoes that will protect your feet from the hot sand but which you can also slip off easily to dip your feet into the water is a must. Platform sandals might be your best bet here unless you want to go with ladies boating shoes or espadrilles.

Maxi dresses are a perfect beach fit, especially if you can find one in cool ocean colors like turquoise or sea green. A fabulous ombre changing from dark blue into foamy white would be simply lovely. A wrap design creates a beautiful V-neck neckline, and a tie at the waist adds to the visual impression of an hourglass figure. On the longer skirts, having either extra material so the skirt is free to catch the wind or having slits in a tighter skirt to promote breezy movement.

Similar to a maxi dress with a slight difference is the asymmetrical dress. These have skirts that are shorter in front and longer in back, giving the impression of a bit of a train floating behind you as you walk. Some have a short, tight underlayer to cover you and a thinner chiffon outer layer to flutter about. These are lovely for weddings, and their lighter material works quite well for a beachy aesthetic.

If a longer skirt is not your style, consider a short floral summer dress. Some summer dresses are a little too casual, but if you choose a dress made of nicer materials, it can be nice enough to wear proudly to a wedding, especially a beach wedding. Cool-colored greenery and light pink florals on a sandy cream base make for a gorgeous wedding guest dress. Just make sure there are enough florals to make it clear you are not the bride!

For the Gentlemen

A men’s suit might seem hard to manage in the summer heat, but it’s not impossible provided you take action to change what is within your control. You can’t control the temperature or whether or not there will be shade. You can control the material and color of your suit. Most suits worn by men in the northern hemisphere tend to be heavier. Climate-wise, it is a bit chiller in general for most of us. When you are going to a warmer location, ditch the wool and go with lighter linen. Darker neutrals tend to be more formal, but since it’s an outdoor beach wedding, you can go with lighter neutrals. Try on whatever colors remind you of sand and see how you look in the mirror. If you can’t tell, bring along someone to help you or ask the person in front of the changing rooms.

If you know the wedding is going to be a little less formal, you can lighten up the look a bit. Stick with the lighter cream colors, but roll up the sleeves of your white men’s dress shirt and change out your men’s dress pants for shorts. Switch the shirt with a nice, well-fitting Hawaiian shirt only if you know the wedding is going to be a laid-back affair. Add a pair of espadrilles or boating shoes for your footwear choice, and you are ready to party.

You know what you should wear, and you have some ideas for your partner too. Now pack your chosen outfit and get ready for the vacation/wedding/party of your summer!


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