Summer Chic: Outfit Ideas for Women Attending a Bridal Shower

Summer Chic: Outfit Ideas for Women Attending a Bridal Shower

Summer is wedding season, so it stands to reason that you should be prepared not just for a wedding or two this summer, but for the various pre-wedding celebrations as well. A bridal shower is traditionally a small and elegant, but not necessarily formal, daytime event where the bride is gifted home goods or personal care items. More modern takes on this old-fashioned idea are increasingly popular, however.

But what does one wear to such an event? Many bridal showers have themes with specific dress codes or expectations, so be sure to find out ahead of time if there is a dress code. Otherwise, we have compiled this simple but thorough guide to help you decide on the perfect dress or outfit to wear to a bridal shower this summer.

Backyard Bridal Showers

Backyard bridal showers are quite popular during the warmer months. These events also tend to be slightly less formal than bridal showers at other venues, so you can dress more casually than if you were going to a country club, for example. Being an outdoor event, you also should consider the climate and weather and dress comfortably.

For a backyard bridal shower in the summer, we recommend wearing a light-colored women’s sleeveless tops with a pair of pressed capri pants or a midi-length skirt and a pair of flats. Street sneakers are likely too casual even for a backyard affair, but heels will likely be impractical for walking and standing in the grass.

Bridal Showers at a Local or State Park

Much like a backyard bridal shower, these events are likely more on the casual side. If the bridal shower you are attending is taking place at a park, it is almost certainly a casual affair. It is still important to keep your outfit classy and elegant, however. Remember that it is summer and stick to lightweight, breathable fabrics.

You can even wear a pair of jeans or a casual women’s skirt to an outdoor bridal shower, as long as the rest of your outfit is appropriate and chic. A pair of nice, light-colored denim jeans paired with a cream-colored silk sleeveless blouse and sandals or ankle boots is a lovely example of casual- chic.

A Hotel or Country Club

A more formal venue such as a hotel, restaurant, or country club begs for a different dress code. You still want to dress for the weather outside, but also be prepared for cool air-conditioned rooms and a definitively less casual vibe than an outdoor gathering.

A cocktail dress is the best option for an event such as this. If you get cold easily or anticipate the event going late, you can pair your cocktail dress with a cardigan sweater or even a blazer. Heels are a great choice for footwear at a bridal shower in one of these venues, but also not necessary so feel free to wear flats if this is more your personal style.

A Winery, Brewery, or Other Specialty Venue

A venue such as this is likely somewhere in between the formality of an official venue or country club and the outdoor versions of bridal showers. A cocktail dress is a bit too formal for a brewery or similar event space, but jeans and t-shirts are too casual for a chateau winery or vineyard.

Lace is the perfect choice for a bridal shower at these event spaces and are the perfect places to wear them. We recommend a cute, mid-length strappy lace dress for this occasion. The inherently romantic and feminine vibe of lace is exactly the vibe most bridal showers aim for. Pair this with a lightweight cardigan and some wedge sandals or heels.

For an At-Home Bridal Shower

A bridal shower traditionally does take place in the bride's home, or her parent’s home, and this is still the most common venue. Keeping with the casual-dressy nature, we recommended wearing a lightweight romper or jumpsuit, or a printed floral dress shirt paired with linen slacks. Linen is a wonderful fabric for almost any summer event, as it is super breathable and lightweight, but also holds an air of class and subtle elegance.

Overall, if there is not a specific theme or dress code to follow, simply remember to stick to light pastels and neutral colors, though embellishments and florals are certainly appropriate. Lace and linen are great choices, but remember not to outshine the bride-to-be!

Most importantly, remember to dress comfortably and incorporate your own personal style into these looks for a vibe that is classy, stylish, and all your own.


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