6 Outfit Ideas for a Summer Evening Date

6 Outfit Ideas for a Summer Evening Date

So there's this cute guy...How many conversations have you had with your friends that started that way? You and some Hercules are chatting for a while, and the timing seems right, so he asks you out for next weekend! So exciting! You check the weather, and it looks like it will be a perfect summer evening, where it's warm but with a light breeze — summer in all its glory, trying to help set the mood for a most romantic evening.

You know you'll get off work in plenty of time to get ready. But you have to know what you are going to wear to actually get ready! The dilemma begins.

Before you pull your closet apart and throw everything you own on your bed, check out these outfit ideas for a place to start! At least that way, your room won't have to be as messy since you'll have some direction. Here are six outfit ideas for your upcoming summer evening date night.

The Sophisticated Tank Top

A white silky spaghetti strap women's tank top with a delicate floral pattern is an exquisite summer piece. When paired with slimming black skinny jeans, you get a balance of loose and tight that is just eye-catching. This is also a fantastic look for those who typically prefer the stark contrast of monochrome winter looks but now need to throw a little summer in there. Echo the black in your jeans by wearing black jewelry, either in your earrings or as an accent color on your necklace. Strappy heels raise the level of this look so you can walk into a downtown café or restaurant with confidence.

The Jumper Statement

Jumpers are such interesting pieces! They have a cut similar to dresses, but with shorts on the bottom instead of skirts. They are great for making yourself stand out. You can also choose to make a statement with a bold animal print or leave things a little more subtle with a solid color. It will be loose, cool, and comfortable. Plus, you won't have to worry about the wind getting a little frisky. Add open-toe heels or sandal wedges and a satchel purse, and you have yourself a gorgeous look!

The Denim Jacket Dream

Summer is definitely the time for denim. Jean jackets are excellent outerwear pieces for summer evenings. They work well with the season and are useful for keeping a look a little more casual (and a little more warm) if the date will be at an outdoor event. Match your denim jacket to a light cotton sundress in white, pink, or yellow, then put on some big fringe earrings to make your lovely summer date outfit complete.

The Sunrise Combo

This look taps into the lighter colors of the warmer months. When it comes to tops, consider wearing a lemonade pink, dusky rose, or salmon-colored tank or blouse. Your choice depends on your skin tone and which colors look good on you. Whatever you choose, it should be on the lighter side. Put this top with light blue or white jeans and brown heels or sandals for an outstanding combination. If you feel a little too stuffy, go with ripped pants to mellow out this look. This combo stands out exceptionally well if you've just gotten a nice beach tan.

The Bohemian Nod

This outfit recalls the free spirit fashion of music festivals and summer fairs. First, pick out a boho women's blouse. It should be made of sheer, light material and loose enough to leave a bit of you to the imagination. Play with off-the-shoulder cuts and bell sleeves. Balance this undefined part with a tight mini skirt. One of these two pieces should have a zany pattern. Either choose a solid top and a skirt with a floral or aboriginal design or go with a paisley or ogee blouse and a solid-colored skirt. Both options will draw the eye. If you want to commit to the bohemian vibe, add boots and a choker necklace, and you will be ready for both your date and Coachella!

The Paper Bag Fancy

If it is going to be a hot night and you want to wear some women's shorts, but you don't want to feel out of place at a nicer establishment, find a happy medium by requesting outdoor seating and wearing heels with paper bag shorts. Go with pink or tan shorts and a white tank top, or choose black and white vertically striped shorts and a black tank top. Since paper bag shorts are, you know, shorts, they can be on the shorter side while still keeping you modest. Paired with a tank top, you have as much skin exposed to the night air as possible, keeping you as cool as your summer night will allow.

Now that you have some ideas, you know what to look for in your closet—or at the mall! Have fun on your date!


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