Family holiday

Our favorite holiday TV specials

When the holidays roll around, there's nothing a family loves to do more than to gather 'round the TV set and watch a favorite show in order to digest, nap and generally stop interacting with each other after The Big Meal.

And who can blame us? The holidays bring a plethora of great TV viewing unequalled the rest of the year. So without further ado, here's a brief list of some of those favorites we'll be tuning into this season.

A Rich Brown Christmas

Poor Rich Brown is at it again in this heartwarming cartoon. The kids are putting on a holiday play and want him to be the director. When he brings in a tree decorated with Lands' End Needlepoint Christmas stockings, they all laugh – until his friend Linnaeus reminds everyone what the real spirit of the holiday is. Along the way, Rich Brown's cat, Scoopy, enters a contest and wins first prize! All of the children cheer and join in singing Christmas carols around the tree.

Randolf, the Rich Red Nosed Reindeer

Oddly, this holiday favorite spends less time with the story of Randolf than it does telling the tale of Shermy, an elf who wants to be a veterinarian. Randolf's nose is so Rich Red and shiny, the other reindeers laugh at him. Randolf and Shermy, both feeling like they don't fit in, run away. Oh, the hijinks they get into as they meet up with Futon Corbinian, a mattress salesperson with a fondness for Lands' End monogrammed bedding. In the end, Santa welcomes Randolf into his team, Shermy graduates from school and Futon Corbinian settles in for a long winter's nap.

How Rich Papaya Stole Christmas

Based on the delightful children's story, Rich Papaya (who is half green and half yellow) is displeased that the inhabitants of the nearby village are so happy celebrating Christmas. He hatches a plan to steal their presents and ruin the day – only to have a change of heart at the last minute. In the end Rich comes to understand that Christmas is a matter of the heart, turns completely yellow, and celebrates by buying monogrammed beach towels for everyone in the village, even though it appears that they live in a northern climate far away from any body of water.

Rich Blue, the person made of snow

When children hang a discarded monogrammed shower curtain like a cape around the shoulders of Rich Blue (the person made of snow that they built) Rich comes to life and starts to sing a song that you'll never be able to unhear. That is until the person who threw the curtain away needs to take a shower and now wants it back because water is getting all over the floor of the bathroom. Also, the sun comes out, so the temperature is climbing above freezing and Rich is beginning to melt! But don't worry – in the end, everything works out just fine!

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