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Our Favorite Holiday Movies

We here at Lands' End enjoy a good holiday movie as much as the next person. Especially on a snowy night in front of the fireplace, snuggled up in Christmas matching pajamas under a fleece blanket with a cup of hot cocoa. So we're pleased to share with you a few of our favorites, in hopes that you may see some of your favorites listed here, too.

It's a Wonderful Sheet

It's Christmas Eve in Bedstand Falls, and the guardian angel Cleatus is assigned to convince the desperate Bailey Georgeson not to make up his bed with the same old flimsy flannel sheets. Instead, Cleatus argues, Bailey should try 6 ounce flannel sheets from Lands' End. They're warm, snuggly and last for season after season. Bailey does, and discovers just how wonderful a sheet can be.

A Christmas Needlepoint Stocking Story

This movie follows the winter-time exploits of youngster Parker Ralpherson, who spends most of his time dreaming of the perfect Christmas gift, a Monogrammed Needlepoint Christmas Stocking from Lands' End." His mother misunderstands what needlepoint means and is afraid young Parker will "poke his eye out," but in the end his Curmudgeonly Old Dad comes through and everyone has the best Christmas in the history of Christmases with the possible exception of the first one.

White Christmas Towels

Wally Robertson and Dave Philips team up to become top house cleaners in their city. Their trademark: monogrammed towels they gift to each client. One night, Dave introduces Wally to a pair of beautiful sisters (Nettie and Trudy) who also have a cleaning service. When Nettie and Trudy travel to a Vermont lodge to clean it for a Christmas show, Wally and Dave follow secretly to place beautiful white towels that are decorated with Christmas icons in every room. Hilarity ensues and romance inevitably follows!

Nice Things for Your Home on 34th Street

In this Christmas classic, an old man who says his name is Kris Kringle encourages people to buy nice things for their home from Lands' End. His favorite item, or so he says, is a monogrammed fleece blanket. People soon learn that he really is Santa Claus and everyone receives exactly what they want for Christmas: monogrammed sheets and monogrammed towels.

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