Our Favorite Fabrics to Sleep in and Why

Our Favorite Fabrics to Sleep in and Why

Being able to put on comfy clothes makes home one of the best places to be. When it’s time to put on pajamas and relax with your favorite show, you immediately feel a soothing shift in your mood. Exchanging work clothes for home clothes made of soft and cozy fabrics makes all the difference, too. In fact, if you choose pajamas made of the wrong materials, you can end up having a bad night’s sleep by being too hot or too cold. Which fabrics should you look for, and which ones should you avoid? Here are our favorites to sleep in and why.

Jersey Knits for All Seasons

Historically made of wool, jersey knits have come a long way in the past few decades. Now you can find this stretchy, soft fabric in a variety of material blends to suit different seasons. When you shop for jersey fabrics, you’ll find cotton-based materials that are brushed to keep in warmth and thin athletic blends that keep you cool. In modern fashion, it’s more common to find cotton, rayon, and silk blends. Jersey knits range in elasticity, too. Some have minimal spandex and have a subtle stretch, while some contain more lycra or spandex to be ultra-light and flexible.

Whether you need a light, medium, or heavyweight jersey PJ set, you can find what you’re looking for with a little investigation. For instance, 95% cotton and 5% spandex is a soft blend that is essentially stretchy cotton. It’s breathable and soft, but since it’s made of mostly cotton, it’s more moisture absorbent instead of moisture-wicking. This material is excellent for mild spring days and the early fall.

If you need a cooler jersey to sleep in during the summer, consider a blend of polyester and rayon—what most activewear is made from. You can find jersey blends in sleepwear sets or make your own pajamas with your favorite selection of women’s tank tops and sleep shorts. It’s also easy to find cozy sweatpants made of thick brushed jersey material that’s so perfect for a chilly night.

Flannel Pajamas

When the weather gets cool, it’s time to pack away any thin summer jersey PJs and bring out the heavier materials. Crowd favorites during cold seasons include fleece and thick cotton fabrics. There’s hardly anything more satisfying than being able to cozy up to a hot cup of cocoa and a TV show while wearing a soft winter pajama set. With the right winter PJs, you won’t even need to use a throw blanket—unless you just want one, of course.

While there are many types of winter PJs around, flannel pajamas are hands-down one of the best picks for fall and winter weather. Cotton flannel is brushed inside and out to increase its ability to trap in heat and insulate you during even the coldest nights. Match your cozy ensemble with some flannel bed sheets and comforters for the best night of sleep—even during a cold snap!

Supima Cotton

When you need a superior material for your sleepwear, you can’t go wrong with Supima Cotton. Derived from the words “superior” and “Pima,” this type of cotton is only grown in the United States. It has a ton of strengths like:

This material’s higher price point is linked to its rarity and outstanding quality, but what you get is something that lasts for years instead of something that wears out and needs to be replaced. Its quality is likened to that of Egyptian cotton for its luxurious softness and flowy texture. When you have pajamas made out of Supima cotton, you may be tempted to wear your set all day.


Silk is an amazing material. It’s lighter than flannel and cotton and is also soft and smooth on the skin. It can also retain your skin’s natural moisture and regulate body temperature. This makes it an excellent material to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sleeping in a set of silk women’s long underwear can be just the thing you need to stay cozy at night if you love full-coverage PJs around the year. Silk is also antimicrobial, which makes it a popular material for bed sheets and pillowcases.

Whether you choose jersey, Supima cotton, flannel, or silk, there is a cozy sleep set for every season of the year.


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