Forget Pink & Red: Here Are Other Romantic Colors to Wear This Valentine’s Day

Forget Pink & Red: Here Are Other Romantic Colors to Wear This Valentine’s Day

This year, you don’t have to look like a sugarcoated candy heart in pastel pink. You don’t have to fall into the tired cliché of wearing red. Dare to be different with other colors you probably haven’t considered with any of our special occasion dresses or women’s cashmere sweaters. Switch it up and read on to find out what other dreamy colors you can wear for the most romantic day of the year.

Orange You Glad You Tried Orange?

It may seem challenging to wear orange, but whether you’re wearing orange in the shade of the actual fruit or a fun coral hue, wearing orange on Valentine’s Day is sure to brighten and cheer up any date. After all, Valentine’s day does take place during winter. Add some warmth to the room in a stunning orange dress or a pretty orange top. You can rock statement heels in orange if you so choose. A women’s cotton sweater in orange is helpful to wear if you’re going out on a particularly chilly day. That sweater will shine on you without you feeling like you’re a giant grapefruit.

It Was All Yellow

The color yellow is all about inspiration and cheer. If you’re ready to look like the sun, you’ll look positively radiant in a yellow sundress. Anything in yellow also makes for a great statement piece. Try wearing black or dark wash jeans and a black turtleneck underneath a yellow sweater vest. You’ll look warm and bright, and you’ll feel that way too in clothing meant for easy layering of turtlenecks and vests. If you want to wear yellow without feeling too cutesy, then balance out a yellow sweater or blouse with ripped jeans and boots for a little more edge.

Green but Minus the Envy

Channel mother nature with any kind of shirt in green. If you’re going for a more casual date like a walk in the park or going hiking, wearing a green T-shirt will help you hone into your natural environment. Wear it with leggings if you’d like an athleisure look that’s still practical. You can’t go wrong with a classic crewneck T-shirt. A V-neck T-shirt has a playful neckline that bodes well for both outdoor adventures and indoor activities like bowling or paint-and-sip dates.

Blissfully Blue

What’s more peaceful than a blissfully blue sweater dress? You’ll have the best of both worlds with the comfort of a sweater and the stunning look of a dress. It’s so calming to look at that your Valentine’s Day date will instantly feel soothed as soon as they look at you, and you’ll feel totally at peace. Take a look at all of our sweater dresses. Blue is also a sweet color to wear if you’re going out with a group of girlfriends for Galentine’s Day.

It’s Time to Indi-Go-Go

Indigo blue is a specific shade between dark blue and purple. It’s named after the Indian indigo plant. For contrast, you can match an indigo dress with a mustard-colored sweater. Go bold and wear an indigo top with mint-colored pants if you want to look extra colorful. The indigo shade is associated with leadership and strength, so if you’d like to take charge of your romantic life this Valentine’s Day, this is the shade for you.

Very, Very Violet

Look like royalty in a violet tunic sweater. Opt for a turtleneck tunic with a cozy waffle knit. You can pair this fancy purple sweater with leggings or high-rise jeans to delight the imagination. Violet is associated with good judgment and empowerment, so if you need a little bit of both this Valentine’s Day, go for a very, very Valentine’s Day violet. If you prefer a purple that’s on the sweeter pastel side, opt for a lavender skirt and white top.

Back to Black

You can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Check out all of our black dresses. Whether you want a dress that just skims right above your knees or a longer, flowy dress, wear heels to elongate your legs. Don’t forget about statement accessories like earrings, necklaces, or a jeweled clutch. As for makeup, choose a classic red lipstick that bodes well with your natural skin tone. You’ll look simply divine for a trendy Valentine’s Day dinner.

Monochromatic White

If you want to look like you came straight off the set of a ’90s music video, have a nostalgic throwback to all monochromatic white by wearing it from head to toe. Break that lame “No White After Labor Day” rule and wear a white top, white jeans, and even white platform boots, and you’ll be looking white-hot on your Valentine’s Day date.

No matter what color you choose to wear this Valentine’s Day, you’ll look stunning whether you choose to wear a classic little black dress or a bold orange. For stylish yet cozy looks, be sure to take a look at all of our sweater and dress options.


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