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One-Piece vs. Tankini — Which Is Right for You?

Choosing your swimwear for the upcoming season can be an involved process, especially if your styling needs have evolved. For women who desire modest swimwear, it usually comes down to buying a one-piece or tankini. One-pieces and tankinis are also excellent pieces for women who are athletic and need dependable swimwear without any wardrobe malfunctions. Because these items are similar, it can be difficult to decide which one you need. However, there are a few key factors that can help you decide if a one-piece or tankini is better for you.

Achieve a Comfortable Fit

First of all, your swimsuit decision will mostly be based on comfort and what you feel good wearing. Your comfort dictates your ultimate decision. For example, individuals with long torsos usually opt for a tankini bathing suit to get a perfect fit. The extra space between the swim bottom and the tankini top accommodates for the extra length that a typical one-piece does not account for. This makes a custom torso fit that is highly comfortable.

There are also long torso swimsuits that come in the form of one-pieces. These items are made with the specific measurements of women with long torsos in mind. The one-pieces in this collection have extra fabric in the stomach area to make sure that the fit is comfortable and not too tight on both the straps and bottom. For an even better fit, many of these one-pieces come with a firm, smoothing fabric with tummy control.

Decide Your Activity Level

If you decide to be active, then a small bikini or anything with too many ruffles or add-ons will be distracting. For the most active people, a one-piece suit with racerback straps is one of the most efficient styles. This fit offers free movement in the arms for fast swimming and catching waves. One-pieces are also known for their secure fit, especially when you get a tugless version. A tugless swimsuit is made out of materials and fabric cuts that ensure a comfortable fit that requires minimal to no tugging to keep a flattering fit.

It's also possible to wear a secure fitting tankini for aquatic sports. However, it is good to be sure that the tankini top and swim bottom fit securely and are not too loose or too tight. Try to avoid any tankini top with attached necklaces, fashion items like belts, or any loose fabric that can get in the way of sports. Overall, if it feels as secure as a one-piece, then the tankini is a great piece for your active agenda.

Choose Your Levels of Support

Another challenge women come across when looking for the ideal one-piece or tankini is getting adequate bust support. Women with larger chests typically need swim tops with good coverage and stronger materials. Standard swimsuits can either be too revealing or not strong enough to meet these needs. Many women with large chests find the solution in getting an underwire one-piece swimsuit that is specifically designed to support their body type. More material around the bust area and underwire inserts lift and support full figures. This added support can help you feel comfortable and confident while enjoying the water.

Women with smaller chests may decide to look for soft cups or lightly padded one-pieces and tankini tops for comfort and support. It’s also important to consider the level of coverage desired for swim bottoms. A full-coverage bottom for a tankini or one-piece lifts and supports the buttocks. Meanwhile, a more high-waisted “cheeky” cut is another popular choice for women.

Assess Your Fashion Needs

It can be easy to get carried away and consider only practical needs when picking a swimsuit. But it’s important to not forget the fun and freedom you always have in choosing what goes in your seasonal wardrobe. The bottom line is this: Do you simply love one-pieces and want to rock them all season? Then start your search for the one-pieces that will look good on you. There are variations suited for petite individuals as well as women with long torsos. Tankinis flatter both petite frames and plus-size figures, and there are variations that are tailored to every body type. At the end of the day, you are going to feel amazing in the swimsuit you like the best. Achieve a great fit with all the options out there that accommodate different heights and figure-shaping needs.

Always remember that fashion is fun, and it’s here to bring out the very best in you. Whether you get a one-piece or tankini, take your time to find the best styles for your needs.


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