5 New Years Resolutions You'll Be Glad You Made

5 New Year's Resolutions You'll Be Glad You Made

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, we all know the drill: some stick, most don't. But it's always fun to dream big and plan for a productive year ahead. Here are five New Year's resolutions you'll want to strive for every year. 

1. Be Kinder to Yourself

When it comes to self-care, we can all do a bit more for ourselves this year. While it's easy to encourage you to book a spa day or go on a weekend getaway, they aren't things you can practice every day. 

This year, our self-care tip is to be kinder to yourself. Didn't have time to pick up groceries after a long day of work? Just shrug it off and order out tonight. One of the easiest ways to grant yourself a little grace is to start saying both "no" and "yes" more often. It'll all just depend on the context. 

Making yourself less accessible isn't always a bad thing. On the other hand, if there are activities you keep putting off because you can't find the time, try to say yes to something you know will bring you joy this year. Maybe it's a monthly book club or that online exercise class you keep meaning to try out. 

2. Rewind With Family

Staying in touch with the ones you love is easier than ever, from video chats and social media to swapping personalized gifts and holiday cards. Still, with busy lives and competing priorities, we can start to slip away from regular phone calls and connections. 

Find a way to reset, relax, or rewind with family this year, and you'll feel a renewed sense of warmth and community. You can set up virtual game nights, plan a family letter-writing project, or touch base and dig deeper with those who are closest to your heart. Ever wish you knew more about your grandmother's life story? Plan out phone calls or visits to record the details you definitely don't want to forget. Take time this year to really get to know the people you love most. 

3. Find a Hobby

If you find yourself yearning for something to do in your downtime, starting a hobby can really spark your imagination and excite your senses. Rather than scrolling the web night after night, if you resolve to start a new hobby this year, you'll realize just how much energy you have stored up for the things you love. 

Knitting, embroidery, or cross-stitching are fun, low-impact hobbies that don't take a ton of effort to begin. Use your beautiful floral throw pillows for inspiration on your next design. Other easy hobbies you can pick up and put down at your own pace include journaling, creative writing, calligraphy, or letter writing. The tools you need for these don't take up much space either. Honor your hobbies and creative flow by storing your materials in a stylish nesting seagrass basket set you can display with pride and joy. 

4. Get Active

Exercise helps boost endorphins, so making a resolution to get active this year comes with huge benefits. You'll feel healthier and happier, and it's easy to get started. You don't need to get a personal trainer or plan to win a relay race — just start with the things you're interested in, like dance, yoga, walking, or even online workout classes.

Swimming is another activity that's both fun and forgiving. You can join your local sports club and go at your leisure, choosing to do laps or simply float around, depending on the day. Just grab your favorite swimsuit and coziest beach towel and jump in! 

If you're already physically active, consider trying some social activism too. Helping out, working with others, serving those in need, and supporting your community will help you feel a greater sense of purpose this year. 

5. Stay Mindful

Mindfulness is a major buzzword lately. While it's closely tied to meditation, that's just one approach of many in the cultivation of awareness, attention, and attitude shifts you can bring into this new year. Mindfulness is just the ability to recognize where you are, notice what you need, and attend to the things that are right in front of you. 

Some ways to harness that level of mindfulness include practicing yoga or meditation, so grab a pair of high waisted yoga pants and see how you feel after a few sessions. If those options don't interest you, you can find a sense of awareness by being mindful of your body and self. If you feel achy after a long day at work, invest in some super comfy clothes and try stretching every couple of hours; sitting all day does a number on our bodies, backs, and even our breathing. 

Taking stock of things that matter to us, and then taking care of them, is at the core of mindfulness. Make a habit of writing things down when you think of them, then act on them as soon as you can so one small action doesn't weigh on you for days or even weeks. 

We create New Year's resolutions as a reminder to return to ourselves and make the most of every year. Each of these resolutions can help you shift gears into a happier, healthier, and more hopeful version of yourself.

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