Creative Gifts for New Dads in 2021

Creative Gifts for New Dads in 2021

New dads undergo a big transition. Now they have to balance work life with home life as well as taking care of a kiddo. Although it’s different than being a mom, new dads still appreciate thoughtful gifts. When you’re giving a dad a gift, it’s time to think about the newest addition too. This Father’s Day, choose one of these creative gifts for new dads.

Time-Saving Subscriptions

A new family member typically equates to less time. Consider giving your new dad a fun subscription box that also gives him some of his time back. Think practical yet thoughtful gifts, such as an artisanal coffee subscription or a gift voucher for grocery delivery for a month. Another creative way to show your gratitude for the new dad in your life is by gifting him something fun, like a men’s tie subscription. Each month, your amazing dad gets something new or has a really time-intensive chore taken off of his never-ending list. Either way, a subscription-based gift both delights the recipient and saves time, which is a precious commodity for a budding family.

A Dad’s Day Out

Another way to show your appreciation for a new dad is to plan a day out. Think of an awesome golf outing with the two of you . Go all out by giving him a gift basket that includes a few stylish men’s polo shirts, golf tees, and maybe even a men’s golf jacket that's perfect for a day on the green. Another refreshing option is to plan a day out for both the dad and his partner. Offer to provide babysitting. This lets the parents get some much-needed quality time together. Take care of everything from making the reservation at their favorite restaurant to handling diaper duty while they relax as a couple.

New Summertime Clothes

With summer fast approaching, a wardrobe improvement is a thoughtful way to give a lasting gift that’s both functional and fun. Give the gift of a new wardrobe! Choose from a selection of men’s chinos and men’s T-shirts that show off their new dad pride, or you could even give him some shorts and flip-flops for relaxing around the house. Either way, a few new clothing items make for an easy yet thoughtful gift for a new dad. We all know babies can be messy, so a few new staple items can go a long way in helping dads look and feel their best.

Lend a Helping Hand

Sometimes the best gifts are not things. Consider volunteering to help around the house. New dads don’t get much sleep and have had to re-design their entire routine. Sometimes must-do chores, like yard work, gardening, or fixing up stuff around the house, get left behind. Volunteer to help out your favorite new pop. Get together and paint a room, work on the yard, fix that fence, whatever. Volunteer to pitch in for the day, and pick up the tab when you order some pizza and beer. This simple gesture far outweighs any gift since it’s helpful and meaningful for a new family. Not to mention, you’ll get to spend quality time with your friend or relative, which is a win-win!

Plan a Family Outing

New families want to get out and explore, but they may not have the time to put something together. Be their day planner and map out a fun-filled day for the family. Pack a picnic and head to the park. Or make lunch reservations and buy tickets to the zoo. Think of something fun that everyone will enjoy. You can offer to drive and take them around for the day. You’ll get to spend time with the new family, and they will appreciate a fun-filled day where they can just sit back and enjoy time together. The key to planning a successful family outing is to keep it simple. New parents are often overwhelmed with a big to-do list, so pick something local, easy, and enjoyable for everyone.

New Tech for the Family

One of the best gifts you can give a new dad is a way to capture memories. New families love to snap and display the perfect photo of their baby. Consider giving the new dad in your life a camera or digital photo frame. Another creative gift would be a few picture frames and a gift card to a print-your-own-photo service. This lets the new family display all of their favorite memories so they can remember all the moments they’ve shared. A thoughtful selection of key tech enables them to capture the moment and makes for one fun-filled gift that keeps giving.

Practical Gifts for New Families

Does your new family like to hike? How about a gift basket that includes everything they need to hike with a kid? Or maybe they enjoy the beach. Grab a few water-worthy accessories so they can get outside with their child. Think about what the dad on your list enjoys then find some unique gifts that enable him to do those things with a young child. It’s OK if the activity is a little way out. Either way, they will be prepared to go out on new adventures together.

There are countless fun gifts to give a new dad. When you’re thinking about gifts, consider the needs and wants of the family. Then come up with a fun gift idea that not only brings them joy but also lets them make a few amazing memories in the process.

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