Must-Have Women’s Summer Bottoms

Must-Have Women's Bottoms for Summertime

We don’t know about you, but these days especially we dress for comfort. Whether you’re working, traveling or lounging around the house, you should feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. And in the summer, the key to being comfortable is staying cool. That’s why we’ve rounded up the must-have women’s bottoms for summertime. From women’s shorts and skirts to the most breathable fabrics, and least-restrictive pant styles, these are the women’s bottoms to wear this summer.

White Pants

Not all women wear pants in summer – but many do. And if you’re one of them, we hope you have a pair of white pants hanging in your closet. Whether it’s a pair of white jeans, palazzo pants or wide-leg trousers, the color white shines all summer long.

White is a versatile color, especially during the summer months. It always looks fresh and clean, and it pairs with just about every other color out there. For a more subtle day of errands, wear your white summer pants with other neutrals, like grey and beige. If you want a bolder but still casual look, pair white linen pants with a brightly colored top. When you need something more chic, white-on-white is the way to go. Wear white-cuffed trousers with a women’s white blouse for your boardroom meetings and summer date nights. You also can’t go wrong with a navy- and white striped women’s summer shirt with white pants. Nautical fashion has been a summer staple for years.

Oh, and that old saying, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day,” – is one fashion rule you can stop following if you haven’t already. Especially if you live someplace where September still feels like summer, then by all means keep rocking your favorite white pants.

Linen Pants

If you want to give off major summer vibes, linen pants are what to wear. Light and airy, linen is the best fabric to help you beat the heat. Look for linen pants in white, ivory, and shades of green to wear for all your summer beach days or if you’re traveling to a tropical destination.

Jean Shorts

It happens every year. The temperatures start rising, and so do the hemlines. Women’s shorts are simple and breezy, and nothing screams the carefree summer life we all want to live like jean shorts. The summer version of your favorite jeans can be worn almost everywhere, from the beach to the snow cone shack to the mall. Dark wash or light wash, it really doesn’t matter. Throw on any basic tee with a pair of denim, high-waisted shorts (a style we hope never goes out of fashion again) and flip-flops, and you’re ready to take on whatever the beautiful summer day has to offer!

If you’re worried about jean shorts being too stiff and restrictive, we get it. Denim is made from tightly woven cotton so it’s breathable and absorbs moisture. However, denim is a heavier fabric. That’s why in the summer, some people opt for chambray shorts over denim; you get all the breathable, moisture-wicking benefits of denim without all the weight.

Bermuda Shorts

Women’s Bermuda shorts are one of those clothing styles you either love or hate. Personally, we love them. They give you coverage but don’t make you hot. These knee-length summer shorts are the foundation for numerous easy-breezy summer looks. But our favorite summer trend is simple: pairing a fitted scoop-neck tee with looser-fitting Bermuda shorts and strappy sandals.

Cropped Pants

If shorts aren’t your thing, try out a pair of women’s cropped pants. They’re easy to dress up or down, but best of all, they’re the perfect pair of summer-friendly pants to show off those cute summer heels you just bought. No matter how you style a pair of cropped pants, you can dress to stay comfortable and cool all summer long without sacrificing style.


Mini, midi, or maxi – which women’s skirts are in style this summer? Whatever length you feel comfortable and confident in, we say wear it! But this summer you’ll likely see a lot more miniskirts, as it’s considered the most fashionable choice of 2021 by those in the fashion industry. But just because your daughter says it’s cool or your sister is wearing one doesn’t mean it’s for you. Denim and vegan leather midi skirts are also trendy, and they’re a great fall transition piece. We also love a flowy maxi skirt. It’s chic. It’s cool. It’s a ladylike must-have for your summer wardrobe.

No matter which of these women’s bottoms you choose to wear, you’ll be ready to stylishly soak up every minute of summer without being soaked in your own sweat.


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