4 Mother’s Day Outings You Can Enjoy Even While Following Social Distancing Guidelines

4 Mother’s Day Outings You Can Enjoy Even While Following Social Distancing Guidelines

Mother’s Day is one of Lands’ End’s favorite holidays. It’s one of those beautiful days that unifies us all. Maybe you’re honoring the woman who raised you or perhaps you have children of your own. Either way, planning a Mother’s Day celebration, amid a sea of ever-changing guidelines, can be a bit of a challenge. Not to worry. The Lands’ End team has been brainstorming ways to make this Mother’s Day special. We’re here with ideas to inspire you this Mother’s Day. After all, we love moms just as much as you do.

How to Plan a Socially Distant Mother’s Day Shopping Spree

One thing you and your mother have always loved to do together is shop. While this may not be the best year to plan a store hopping extravaganza, you can still have some fun together. Take mom to the local greenhouse for a day of selecting beautiful flowering plants instead. Matching Lands’ End Supima polos are the perfect “uniform” for the two of you (and the best shirt to welcome summer in). They’re ultra-soft. Plus, our Supima polos are infused with performance features that help them resist fading, pilling, and wrinkles. So, you can head to the greenhouse in the morning and help mom plant her new flowers after lunch, yet still look photo-ready when it’s all said and done.

How to Plan a Mother’s Day Picnic at the Park

A day spent at the park with mom has always been a welcome idea. This year, let her know you planned ahead. Have a “Mom”ogrammed (see what we did there?) Lands’ End canvas tote made for mom before the big day. The key is to get creative when you personalize her tote without giving her too much of a hint as to what you have planned. Pack her tote with a cozy blanket or Lands’ End throw, homemade snacks, her favorite drink, and a heartfelt note or card to put an instant smile on her face. Then prepare to spend the next few hours together focused on nothing more than getting lost in conversation.

Can I Still Take Mom to the Gallery, Aquarium, or Museum This Mother’s Day?

Yes, most of mom’s favorite museums or galleries are beginning to allow patrons. Call ahead to be sure. Bring facemasks and hand sanitizer. Remember to maintain a respectable distance from others and prepare to make some new memories with mom. However, if physically walking through mom’s favorite art gallery or museum isn’t possible right now, there may be another option. Did you know many of mom’s favorite places are currently offering full virtual tours? Best part? That pretty much eliminates the need to get overly dressed up for the outing. Instead, get something you’ll both love (and look picture perfect in): matching jammies! This year, you and mom can enjoy your virtual trip together without ever changing out of your super comfy Lands’ End loungewear.

How to Create a Mother’s Day Mini Trip

Show mom your adventurous side. After all, she always says you got it from her. Pack your bags and go find the sun. Beachfront or lakeside. A short car ride or quick flight. The details are less important than the destination. Once you’re there, settle in and get ready to enjoy the best the location has to offer. Maybe rent a boat, or enjoy a day of fishing from the shore. Just don’t forget to pack her favorite Lands’ End comfort sandals. You’ll also want to capture some video footage and snap a few pics. You can turn those moments into a fun mini clip for mom (what a great Christmas gift. Hint, hint.) Remember to carve out a little time to let mom know you truly appreciate all she has done and continues to do for the ones she loves most. You know you did it right when mom sheds a few tears of joy.

How to Share Your Mother’s Day with Us and Inspire Others

Sharing. Truly one of the first life lessons mom taught us. So, why not share your Mother’s Day fun with us? Doing so just may inspire others to create lasting Mother’s Day memories of their own. Sharing your favorite Mother’s Day plan couldn’t be easier. Simply tag @landsend on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for mom.

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