6 Most Versatile Pieces of Clothing Working Women Should Own

6 Most Versatile Pieces of Clothing Working Women Should Own

If you have a job that requires you to be at the office or out in the field visiting clients, you’re likely familiar with the struggles of deciding what to wear in the morning. The key to making this decision much easier (and make your mornings less stressful) is to make sure you have a variety of versatile clothing items to choose from.

Versatile options that pair well with other items in your wardrobe provide you with the ability to mix and match them with each other in a way that makes them look like entirely new outfits. This not only makes them more useful but can also save you money in the long run. For a better idea of how you can make getting dressed for work easier in the mornings, here are the six most versatile pieces of clothing that working women should own.

Blouses Galore

Women’s blouses are an essential part of any professional or business-casual wardrobe. There are so many different types of blouses to choose from, whether in the type of sleeves they have, the type of collar, whether they’re button-down or not, and whether they’re meant to be tucked or untucked. Plus, there is a professional-looking blouse available in every color of the rainbow and essentially any pattern you desire. Because of the fabric, they’re made of, and how they fit so elegantly, blouses have a way of naturally looking professional. And since they’re perfectly acceptable to wear either alone or under a blazer, and with any type of pants or skirt, they’re Number 1 on our list of versatile clothing for working women.

Basic Black Pants

The best thing about black dress pants is that they go with everything. And if they have the right amount of stretch, they can also be really comfortable for long days at work. Dress pants are even more versatile if they can be thrown in the washer or dryer without having to worry about fading or shrinking. Additionally, contour waistbands with hidden elastic inserts can ensure optimal comfort and a great fit. Wear them with a blouse alone or with a matching blazer. You don’t even need a belt unless you plan on tucking your blouse in.

A Couple of Great Blazers

Blazers are incredibly versatile for work, as they can be worn formally for important meetings, or they can be worn casually: It all depends on how you wear them and what you wear them with. Blazers are classy and smart-looking, making even jeans look professional. Many women keep a blazer at work, which is especially convenient when a client stops by unexpectedly on a casual Friday. Leave a blazer unbuttoned for a casual look, or button it up if you want a more professional appearance, like when meeting with the boss or giving a presentation.

The Case for Cardigans

Sometimes blazers might be too formal for the typical office environment. That’s why women’s cardigan sweaters are so great. They’re convenient in wintertime and in air-conditioned offices where it’s constantly chilly. Throwing a cardigan over a blouse when you’re cold can keep you comfortable while also helping you maintain a professional appearance. The fabric of the cardigan can also help it look classier and more professional than the average cardigan. Cashmere, for example, is beautiful, incredibly soft, and has an air of elegance that’s perfect for the office.

Plenty of Polos

When it comes to getting dressed for work, you can’t go wrong with a selection of women’s polo shirts to choose from. With different types of fabric, styles, and colors, there’s a polo for every preference and every work activity you can think of. Active polo shirts offer breathable and slightly stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture and dries in a flash. These are great for summertime or for jobs that require lots of walking or lifting. In contrast, Lands’ End’s more formal Supima® cotton polos are incredibly soft, resist fading and wrinkles, and look great with any type of bottoms. They can be paired with a skirt for a business meeting or with jeans on a casual Friday. Polos are incredibly versatile tops that working women should have in their wardrobe.

Jeans for Casual Fridays

Women’s jeans are becoming more and more acceptable in the workplace. This is especially true in today’s environment, as businesses are leaning toward dress codes that are more worker-friendly and look more approachable from a client perspective. Remember that dark jeans tend to look more formal than light-colored jeans. Pairing them with flats or heels instead of sneakers can also give them a more professional appearance, helping them rightfully earn their spot on our list of versatile pieces of clothing working women should own.

Having a couple of each of these 6 options on hand can ensure you have enough outfits to last you two weeks without looking repetitive. The most difficult decision you’ll have to face is which shoes and purse to pair them with!


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