The Most Stylish Looks for Returning to the Office

The Most Stylish Looks for Returning to the Office

After months of working virtually in loungewear and comfy work-from-home clothes, many people are wondering just what is going to look great for getting back to the office. The answer isn’t difficult. Take your favorite classics, and sprinkle in a few trendy pieces for looks that are fresh, smart, and polished for your return to work.

Whether you’re in the market for a whole new wardrobe or just need to update a few basics, there are loads of stylish options to choose from this season.

The First Step: Assessing Your Size

Before you start planning your return-to-work wardrobe, it’s important to honestly assess your current size. Many people may have slightly different sizes after working remotely. For example, lifestyle changes may have allowed a few more curves for some, while others may decide they need to go down a size. Regardless of your current sizes, there are options for every body type and figure that are ultra-flattering. Simply take some measurements or evaluate your current size to start shopping for the best looks.

Start With Basics to Create Work-Ready Looks You’ll Love

When it comes to return-to-work looks, start simple with those favorite basics that always make you feel great. Items such as crisp button-down shirts, fitted turtlenecks, tailored cardigans, and slim chinos or active trousers will keep you looking sharp and stylish no matter what you do. Opt for shells and cardigans in your flattering colors with pencil skirts or ankle slacks for modern-meets-classic looks that can’t go wrong. Having plenty of strong basics on hand will help you create outfits and layered looks that will be comfortable and look great for work.

On-Trend Blouses With Classic Pants Are Fab Looks for Work

If you’re looking for a way to feel confident as you ease back to work, consider an outfit combination consisting of a trendy blouse and a classic pant or skirt style. Blouse styles with floral or geometric prints, keyhole or other cutouts, or flowy sleeves, or unique necklines can all make a big style statement without going overboard. Pair them with your go-to classic pants—whether they be straight-legged corduroy pants, fitted khakis, capris, or wide-legged trousers—for a look that will keep you going strong. If you prefer skirts, options like pencil skirts, box-pleated looks, and knit midi skirts are smart styles to try.

Smart Polos and Work-Ready Pants Fit the Bill for Every Body

One of the most versatile and stylish options when it comes to work tops is the polo. Thanks to modern options, including plenty of color choices, durable designs, and super-soft fabrics like Supima cotton, modern polos for work are better than ever. Pair them with stretch-fit pencil pants, sport-knit high-rise trousers, or pull-on chinos to maximize comfort and style for your return to the office. A lightweight fleece jacket or zip-up cardigan makes a nice complement to this type of outfit.

Wide-Leg Pants With Fitted Sweaters Look Sharp for Work

For a great modern look that still looks unique, try a pair of wide-legged pants. These styles range from cropped ankle lengths to comfortable elastic-waisted sport fits, so you have plenty of choices for a great-looking modern pant. Pair them with fitted women’s sweaters to balance the look and have a polished, pulled-together outfit that will take you from morning until your workday ends. A chunky necklace or medium-size earrings are chic accessory options for this outfit, too.

Leggings and Tunics Take Your Look to the Next Level

With many workplaces allowing for less strict dress codes, leggings have become a staple in a variety of work environments. From sleek black leggings to subtle patterns and prints, there are lots of stylish options that can look great (and keep you comfortable) for work. To keep the look right, pair leggings with a tunic-style top that has a slightly dressy feel, whether it’s a smart tunic sweater or blouse-style women’s tunic tops. A belt can make a great addition to this look as long as it works with your top style, and dressy, work-appropriate shoes like cute flats or low heels can be the perfect way to set off this outfit for your return to work.

Add a Fresh Twist With Colored Pants and Simple Tops

Too often, tops and blouses take center stage. Why not switch it up and let your pants be the star of the show? Thanks to a multitude of color and print options in work-ready pants, you have that option open to you. Choose seasonal hues like rich rust, maroon, or navy, or try a cool print like small dots, checkered designs, or fleur-de-lis patterns. These slightly bolder pant styles aren’t too over-the-top, but they’ll add just the right style boost to keep you looking and feeling great when you head back to work. To keep your outfit from looking too busy, pair print pants with a solid-color top or sweater. Button-ups, tailored tees, and classic cardigans all make great choices.

Choose Stylish Looks Perfect for Going Back to Work

No matter your style preferences, numerous outfit options will look perfectly polished for your return to work. Experiment by mixing and matching a few favorite styles, then add in some new, on-trend pieces. The result will be a fabulous wardrobe that's ready to take you back to work in style.

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