5 Personalized Monogrammed Gifts for Grandparents

5 Personalized Monogrammed Gifts for Grandparents

What do you give the grandparents who have everything? When it comes to selecting something your beloved family members will treasure forever, think personal. Giving something that you take the time to customize will make a world of difference to grandma and grandpa. They’ll see that you put your heart into the idea, and you can have some fun choosing from the many gifts available. Here are just a few personalized Christmas gifts for grandparents that you can monogram for a special finishing touch.

Hand Towels

Whether they welcome guests into their home frequently or take great pride in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that includes every area of their living space, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate a beautiful set of monogrammed hand towels. Made with plush materials that range from supremely soft, durable Supima cotton to smooth organic cotton, they make great additions to any bathroom in the home.

Additional features like short-pile fabric help them soak up moisture more effectively, while ringspun yarn lends them all a smooth, silky finish that your grandparents will truly appreciate. Giving one or two hand towels is always a kind gesture, or you might choose to surprise them with a complete set containing a pair of them, along with bath towels and washcloths. This personalized grandparent gift is one that will get a lot of use, whether it be by them or by you when you come to visit!


Cozy blankets are a dream — and they’re even better when they’re personalized! There are so many great reasons to surprise them with monogrammed blankets during wintertime. Not only is it a practical and sensible choice for the season, but it’s also something that will serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and the special bond that you share with them. And they can use the blanket in dozens of ways, too. Whether it’s draped over the couch or placed on the bed, it’s sure to add a necessary element of warmth to any space.

You can customize all types of blankets. Maybe your grandparents love simple, neutral colors. A fleece or herringbone throw in a traditional color like tan or ivory is a safe, beautiful, and versatile choice that will integrate well into any existing interior design. If you’re sure they would prefer something richer and deeper, you might try a reversible blanket adorned with their initials. Available in a variety of shades, these blankets give them a few options to decorate different areas of the home.

Holiday Stockings

Celebrating the holidays with family is heart-warming. You can make it even more special for grandma and grandpa this year by presenting them with personalized Christmas stockings. Available in a wide range of pretty patterns, these festive accents add a touch of holiday cheer to the mantel. Best of all, you can personalize them with their names — or simply “Grandma” and “Grandpa” — to celebrate the close relationship that you share.

Don’t forget everyone else in the family, too! If you’re celebrating with the entire group this Christmas, you can bet your grandparents will be delighted when you present them with stockings emblazoned with everyone’s name. There are even smaller knit stockings, perfect for the fur babies in the family.

Cozy Gloves

Cold-weather accessories are, of course, completely essential during winter. They’re especially important for elderly loved ones, who are more likely to lose body heat when they’re outside. That can lead to serious health risks and concerns, like hypothermia and frostbite. You can help them brave the chill and stay as toasty as possible by surprising them with something highly practical, like a pair of cozy gloves.

Focus on functionality and comfort before anything else. Materials like fleece and knit fabric, leather accents for a sturdy grip, and compatible fingers that make it easy to use devices like smartphones and tablets in the cold, are essential to a better experience. There are also patterned options available for those who want to inject a little character and personality into their cold-weather wardrobes. The addition of a monogram is a beautiful finishing touch!

Winter Scarves

Just as important as a great winter coat is a toasty scarf. Think of them as barriers that effectively lock out the cold and protect those uncovered areas from suffering that bitter winter chill. You can trust a scarf to add a little pop of color to their look, too!

Scarves can be worn in multiple ways. A large scarf can be wrapped around the mouth to create an insulating barricade, for example, or around the head to protect the ears and promote greater comfort while outdoors. It can also be tucked into jackets, vests, and coats for an added layer of warmth on the chilliest days of the year.


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