Mommy Daughter Date: How to Shop for your Tween/Teen

Mommy Daughter Date: How to Shop for your Tween/Teen

Shopping for teen or tween girls isn’t always easy with so many different options, styles, and personal preferences. Fear not! Make the whole experience fun by turning it into a shopping date for the two of you. Use these tips for a great mom and daughter shopping date so your young shopper can get stylish items that are mom-approved.

Set Up a Date That Is Focused on Fun

Not all girls are alike — some love shopping and clothes, while others aren't sure of the differences between a tunic top and summer dress. In either case, moms can still make it shopping both productive and personal. If your daughter doesn’t like shopping, try to encourage her by planning a trip to her favorite restaurant or to a movie once the shopping is finished. This could help her to have a better attitude and get through the day with minimal stress if she has something to look forward to. For girls that tend to get clothes-crazy, consider having her earn new clothes through chores, behavior, or grades, and then set up a date to go shopping. You can set a limit either on the number of items or by a monetary amount for your designated shopping day. Choose a day that’s free from other obligations and that allows the two of you to shop without being rushed. That way, you can talk with one another during the trip and get some mother-daughter bonding in, too.

Discuss Clothing Expectations in Advance

Set up some limitations or expectations in advance in order to make the shopping expedition go smoothly. If your daughter tends to go only for the trendiest items, you can make a deal with her to try on some classic pieces that will stretch her wardrobe as well as some of the trendy looks. If she doesn’t like trying something new, set an agreement in advance that she try a few new styles just to expand her horizons. Also, discuss any rules or guidelines regarding style. That way she won’t be surprised if you say no to an item that you don’t feel is age-appropriate.

Let Her Choose Some Outfits for You

One way to make the shopping trip more fun is to turn the tables on the clothing choices. Let your daughter pick out several items or outfits that she thinks will look good on you, and then you can try clothes on together. This can help pass the time for both mom and daughter, and you might both end up with some amazing new styles. This also helps girls feel empowered when it comes to clothing, If she chooses a certain style of top or a dress that she likes for you, you might see why she liked a certain trend or look and might be a little more willing to let her try it.

Invite Friends to Shop

Sometimes, the more the merrier really is true. Consider letting your daughter invite a trusted friend, and you can invite her mom or one of your own friends along for a day of shopping fun. Swapping opinions and getting multiple outfits ideas is always a win.

Make a Game Out of Shopping

Another way to make shopping for your daughter more fun and less stressful is to make a game out of it. Set ‘rules’ before you leave home, such as both mom and daughter must try on one item, a maxi dress, and a pair of print capri pants before leaving the store. Or, make it a race, and see how many successful pieces mom and daughter can try on in a designated time period. If either of you are looking for specific items, such as a pair of women's khaki shorts or a white blouse, write out the items on small notepaper in advance and each person can get points for finding items for the other in the correct size.

Make It a Virtual Shopping Date

In order to make it easier for both of you, moms and daughters may just want to sit down at the computer or on their devices and have a virtual shopping experience. Grab some hot cocoas or lemonades, curl up on the couch together, and have fun sharing all the different outfit ideas and essential pieces that you find with one another. Sometimes it can be easier to make the decision without the pressure of being at a brick and mortar store. Look for brands and stores that have good sizing information and that have good return or exchange policies so you can send items back if needed.

Mom and Daughter Shopping Made Fun and Easy

Moms and their tween or teen daughters deserve a fun day out, and with a few fun and simple tips, shopping for essential clothing items can be easy. Girls can get to express their own sense of style, moms can feel good about having a say on outfit selections, and the two of you can get some quality bonding time in whether you visit the store or have a virtual shopping date.


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