4 Modest Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Modest Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year. It’s a time to drum up a fun costume inspired by your favorite Halloween movie or scary book.

The air is filled with sweet pumpkin spice, autumnal leaves fall to the ground, and the kids are ready to load up on candy. This magical time of year wouldn’t be complete with your own look. Maybe you like spooky witches or crime-solving detectives or even something inspired by the comfiest queen in the land. When there’s a nip in the air, you can feel confident and covered while you entertain Halloween party guests or trick-or-treat with the kids at your neighborhood’s spookiest haunted house. Halloween isn’t just for kids—everyone deserves a costume that makes them feel special. Read on for some modest costumes that will leave you feeling fun and festive.

Find Your Inner Ski Bunny

An easy way to dress up is to bundle up. As a downhill skier, you’re sure to be cozy and fashionable, the envy of every Halloween party guest. The best way to feel snug and festive is with one of our plush winter hats to keep your ears nice and toasty. Pick one with a sherpa lining, or for added flair, one made from chenille sporting a yarn pom pom on top. Make the look extra fun by matching the hat with a colorful scarf and coordinate with a fleece vest. This look marries comfort, coverage, and style. Add a fake ski tag to your vest zipper and a pair of goggles atop your hat. When people see you holding a cup of hot cocoa, they’ll think you’ve just come down off the slopes. Plus, when winter comes, you’ll be all set for real snowfall, skiing, and sledding.

Go Tandem With Your Pup

Sherlock Holmes just got his newest sidekick, Doggy Watson. To protect your best clue-finding friend from the Scottish rain, check out a dog jacket complete with a weather-resistant material. To nail the Sherlock Holmes look (for Doggy Watson’s favorite human detective), start off with a packable cape. Check out one that’s roomy and hooded to protect you from rainy Halloween nights. It’s quilted and breathable, making it super easy to sniff out clues.

If Doggy Watson is sheltered from the elements, Sherlock should be too. Some women’s duck boots will do just the trick. Layer the whole costume with an insulated quilted pullover under the cape and socks that will keep you bone dry as you figure out the riddles of the night. Top off the look with a magnifying glass and prop pipe, and the mysteries of Scotland Yard are sure to be solved. It’s elementary, my dear!

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

This costume is a classic fairy tale with a twist. If Sleeping Beauty lived in the 20th century, she’d forgo the elegant gown and trade it in for comfy pajamas and slippers while she waits restfully for her prince. A knit pajama set with a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants is perfect for catching some ZZ’s while you work on your queenly beauty routine. Top off the costume with your choice of our women’s robes and a pair of slipper boots. Whether handing out candy or carving pumpkins, this look will keep you feeling like an at-home royal. While your costume is Sleeping Beauty for the modern era, that doesn’t mean you can’t also rock out and be glam. Complement your noble pajamas with a faux red rose and bejeweled crown and maybe even some long white gloves. As you gracefully greet ghouls and goblins, you’ll be sure to be the comfiest, trendiest, most charming queen on the block.

Make Potions and Party Favors

Break out your black boots and witch’s hat while you greet your guests as the party hostess with the spookiest tricks, treats, and enchanting potions. Try out one of our maxi dresses for women in a dark color to inhabit those classic witchy vibes. Wear it with some striped tights as you prepare your sage and mandrake witch’s brew to serve piping hot to your guests.

If a black tunic sweater is more your costume style, pair it with some classic black trousers. Tie on a belt for support and to hang your magical herbs while you prepare your bubbling elixir. A collared shawl wrap that flows around your legs as you bustle about will make everyone think you’re the Wicked Witch of the West.

Elevate the costume with some green face make-up and a natural fiber broom, so every neighborhood kid will think you’re straight out of a scary movie. Send your guests on their way with their own mini cauldron filled to the brim with your homemade potions. Boil, boil, toil, and trouble—they won’t be able to say no!

Creative, modest costumes are a snap to put together. They keep you comfortable and ready to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.


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