Complete Minimalist Wardrobe Guide for Big and Tall Men

The Complete Minimalist Wardrobe Guide for Big and Tall Men

According to lifestyle blogger Emma Irene Cavanaugh, “a minimalist wardrobe contains only what you need and use, is mindful of the impacts of fashion and has an overall goal of making you feel less chaotic about your life.” In other words, minimalist wardrobes are simple and don’t require many items (which makes them sustainable, too!). They allow you to mix and match the items in your closet to create versatile yet streamlined looks.

With just a few items in your closet, you can create a classic minimalist wardrobe that you’ll reach for time and time again.

First, Decide on a Color Scheme

When it comes to a minimalist wardrobe, it’s important to make sure the colors of your clothing and accessories complement each other. You’ll want to decide on a color scheme for your wardrobes, whether that’s shades of blue and gray, variations of greens and tan, or classic black and white. Once you decide on a color scheme, stick to it.

This will make picking your clothes from your closet easy: that blue men’s tall t-shirt will go just as well with a pair of jeans as it will a pair of shorts in a complementing shade. When deciding on a color scheme, think about the colors that look best on you. Does your skin tone lend itself well to olive greens? Do blues make your eyes pop? Since you’ll be wearing shades of this color a lot, you want to make sure it’s a color you like and one that flatters you.

And just because you decide on one color scheme doesn’t mean you can’t break your color rule from time to time. If you see a men’s athletic jacket in a color that isn’t in your minimalist wardrobe plan, you can still get it. Just remember that it may be harder to pair with most of the items in your closet—but, luckily, everything seems to go with a pair of jeans.

Find Clothes That Complement Your Shape

When you’re big and tall, you know that finding clothes that fit you properly is not always easy. It takes a little more effort to find shops with extended sizing and clothes that flatter your figure—no one wants to go out in a too-short pair of men’s pants, right?

When creating your minimalist wardrobe, make sure you stock up on items that flatter your unique shape. If you know you look great in items like v-neck t-shirts and turtleneck sweaters, get yourself a few different varieties that you can reach for (and feel confident in) again and again. If straight-leg big and tall jeans are suitable for you, get yourself a few pairs in different shades to wear throughout the year. In the end, get what you like to wear—you’ll be excited to get dressed every day if this is the case.

Purchase an Assortment of Items

Since your wardrobe will consist of fewer items than a non-minimalist wardrobe, be sure to get an assortment of items that look different from one another. That can be as simple as getting a navy T-shirt along with a white and navy striped T-shirt or buying a pair of black jeans, in addition to a pair of dark navy jeans.

While minimalist wardrobes are intended to be, well, minimalist, you want to also give yourself some options when it comes to choosing your outfits. You don’t want to get sick of the items in your closet after just a few weeks. Don’t be afraid to add some spice to your understated wardrobe by purchasing a classic yet fun winter jacket (try one with a printed lining) or by buying a few ties that are different than your normal men’s tie.

Get Items You Can Easily Layer

One thing about minimalist wardrobes? They don’t change much from season to season, which makes them even more versatile and beloved by those who follow the minimalist wardrobe path—but even more crucial to thoughtfully plan out.

You’ll want to make sure your minimalist wardrobe is full of items you can just as easily layer on cold days as take off on those surprisingly warm days (think sweaters, cardigans, and big and tall fleece jackets). Make sure the items you’re layering fall into your designated color scheme, and also make sure the items underneath the layers fit your wardrobe vibe, too.

Once you’ve created a minimalist wardrobe, you’ll be thrilled at the relief you feel when opening your closet doors—you won’t feel overwhelmed by options, and there’s a certain sense of accomplishment knowing that almost anything you pick to wear goes with everything else in your closet. Wardrobe stress, be gone!


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