How To Pair Midi-Skirts with Cashmere Sweaters

Outfit Trend: Cashmere Sweaters and Midi-Length Skirts

Midi-length skirts have been a hot runway look for a few years now. It's a wonderful trend for our wardrobes because midi-skirts are incredibly versatile. They can be everything from casual to funky to dressy, plus there's a midi-length skirt to flatter every body type.

This year, things have gotten even better because like a fashion superhero, the midi-skirt trend has paired up with another fabulous wardrobe superstar to create a style that we can all love: the cashmere sweater and midi-length skirt ensemble. This is a flexible sweater and skirt outfit matchup that can take you from a relaxed afternoon at the farmer's market to a dressy night on the town and anywhere else in between.

If you're ready to get on board with this outfit trend, here's everything you need to know.

Start At The Beginning: What's A Midi-Length Skirt?

First up: midi-skirts aren't defined by their cut. You can find midi-skirt in a whole range of styles, like sleek and form-fitting midi pencil skirts, body-conscious tube skirts, traditional A-line and wrap midis, and even ornate midi-skirts that are dressed up with pretty pleats or feminine ruffles.

What ultimately makes a skirt a midi-skirt is its length; that is, where the skirt lands on your leg. A midi-length skirts generally falls somewhere at the calf, somewhere below the knee and above the ankle. Longer skirts that actually graze the ankle are known as maxis.

How Do I Choose The Right Midi-Length Skirt for Me?

Of course, there is still a lot of space between the knee and the ankle. So how do you know exactly how long your midi-skirt should be to work well for your shape? It depends on your proportions.

In general, midi-length skirts are the most flattering when they hit you at one of the narrower points of your calf. For shorter people, an ideal option is often above the calf's widest spot; this higher hemline keeps the wearer's body in proportion and prevents a 'big' skirt from overwhelming a smaller frame. Taller women often prefer midi-skirts that fall lower on the leg, which creates a sleek line along the length of their frames.

Either way, the rule of thumb for all body types is to find a midi-skirt that falls to a narrow point on the leg; otherwise, when a skirt ends at the calf's widest point, it can make your frame look cut off.

(Pro-tip: if a midi-skirt you already have in your closet doesn't look the way you'd like, consider having it tailored. An inch can totally transform how a midi-skirt looks on you.)

What's The Best Way to Style a Midi-Length Skirt?

Midi-length skirts shine brightest–and flatter the most–when they're paired with pieces that contrast with them visually.

It starts with proportion: the first formula to remember is that you should pair a tighter piece with a looser one. For example, if you're wearing form-fitting midi, you can create an elegant outfit by wearing it with a looser top. On the other hand, a fuller skirt like a pleated midi can mix stylishly when paired with something more body-conscious. This is the secret to preventing a baggy silhouette, which is one of the top fears people have about wearing midi skirts.

But there are other ways to create visual contrast in your midi-skirt outfit. You could combine colors or patterns that pop against one another (think: a muted black skirt with a bright yellow cashmere sweater or a funky striped sweater) for the kind of visual difference that adds energy to an outfit.

Which Cashmere Sweaters Look Best With Midi-Skirts?

Based on the above ideas, you can probably already guess that the best cashmere sweater for your midi-skirt will depend on the skirt you're pairing it with and where you're planning to wear it.

For instance, a form-fitting midi-skirt would look lovely when worn with a looser sweater, like a relaxed cashmere turtleneck or a flowing cashmere cardigan. More relaxed midi-skirt styles, on the other hand, will look best when paired with sleeker cashmere sweaters, like close-fitting cashmere pullovers that create the tight-loose contrast that maxes out your style. Or you can go all out with a form-fitting midi-skirt and a close-fitting cashmere sweater to create a polished tight midi-skirt outfit.

You can also choose a cashmere sweater with a vibrant pattern, like stripes, florals, or polka dots, to go with a skirt in a solid color, or you could flip that equation with a solid sweater partnered with a patterned skirt. For maximum comfort, match a cashmere midi skirt with a cashmere sweater to go for a sweater dress look!

Which Accessories Go Best with Cashmere Sweaters and Midi-Length Skirts?

Since midi-skirts' length draws the eye downward, the most impactful accessory you'll wear with them is your shoes: Footwear has a major impact on the overall vibe of a midi-skirt outfit, which means that you can transform your look with a quick shoe change.

Head to work wearing your midi-skirt and a pair of pretty ballet flats, then run to your book club wearing the same outfit with cute and casual sneakers. Or dress the whole look up by adding a pair of delicate, strappy sandals for date night.

But use caution when pairing boots with your midi-skirt-and-sweater look: women's boots and midi-skirts together can be a lot happening on the lower half of your leg, so doublecheck that the pair your wearing doesn't look heavy or cluttered with your skirt. When in doubt, choose a pair of booties for the same seasonal feel without visual distraction.

Midi-skirts and cashmere sweaters can add endless style to your wardrobe. There are countless ways to mix and match this sweater skirt combo that will have you looking amazing and feeling comfortable all season long. You wont want to wear anything else!


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