Men's Jeans: What's Cool and What's Not Cool This Year?

Men's Jeans: What's Cool and What's Not Cool This Year?

When it comes to staying on-trend this year and every year, you can't go wrong with men's jeans. One of the best things about denim pants is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Plus, there are plenty of fits—such as traditional and relaxed—to suit every man's style.

There are jeans sizes to fit every man, including big and tall jeans. These casual men's pants are crafted from sturdy fabrics, such as heavyweight cotton and cotton with spandex. Denim withstands plenty of wear and is machine-washable, which is one reason jeans are so appealing as a wardrobe staple. Then there's the style factor. Here are some of the coolest jeans for this year and ways to wear them:

Traditional Fit Jeans

There are plenty of reasons to love traditional fit jeans. They're straight at the hip and start to ease at the thigh, with a gentle taper from the knee down. You'll find pairs made from 14-ounce cotton and cotton denim enhanced with 1% spandex for an almost-imperceptible stretch that allows for comfortable movement. Traditional fit jeans have classic five-pocket styling. They pair well with almost any shirt style, making the fashion possibilities virtually endless.

Wear traditional fit jeans with a leather belt and matching men's boots for a rugged yet well-coordinated look. If you're pairing these jeans with a dressy shirt, you can add dress shoes or opt for a semi-dressy shoe style like the loafer.

Straight Fit Jeans

Another type of jeans that goes with everything is the straight-fit style. Men's straight-fit jeans fall straight from waist to ankle for a streamlined look. Unlike slim-fit jeans, straight-fit jeans don't hug the body. They're not relaxed, either, making them a good choice for guys who prefer a fit that falls in-between.

Straight-fit jeans work with all shoe styles, from athletic to work boots. You can wear them with slip-on styles like boat shoes or slides if you're going for a casual look. Dress shoes are also an option if you wear these jeans with an Oxford shirt or a men's sweater.

Relaxed Fit Jeans

These jeans are always an on-trend choice, especially when it comes to achieving a casual, laid-back look. You'll find the relaxed-fit variety of denim is sturdy and comfortable, with 100% cotton construction. This denim style has never not been cool, and it goes with everything in your closet.

The relaxed-fit denim style looks good with every type of shoe, so you can wear yours with a T-shirt and basketball shoes or loafers and a polo shirt. Boots are always a stylish accompaniment to most jean styles, including relaxed fit.

Slim Fit Jeans

One of the trendiest types of men's jeans for this year is the slim-fit style. Although they have a close fit, they're surprisingly comfortable. The addition of spandex gives the cotton denim the right amount of stretch, while the low waist sits low on the hips for a look that's cool and casual. Wear slim-fit men's jeans with an oversized tee—men's hoodies are also a good option for creating a cool everyday style.

Wear your slim-fit jeans with high-top sneakers or boots to keep your look fashion-forward. Slim-fit jeans can also work with low-top shoes in various styles, so experiment with different jean-footwear pairings to find your favorite look.

Wearing Men's Jeans in All Seasons

Spring: Navigate the often-unpredictable temperatures of spring by wearing men's jeans with layered shirts. For example, you could wear a T-shirt under a long-sleeve button-down for an extra layer of warmth or even slip a men's fleece jacket over your short-sleeve shirt.

Summer: Wear jeans on cool summer evenings or in air-conditioned environments with any tee. Men's polo shirts are a dressier shirt style for summer that goes with denim.

Fall: Men's jeans go well with a Henley shirt or a men's flannel. You can layer the two shirt styles on cold fall days. Any type of men's sweater complements denim, whether you prefer cotton or cashmere.

Winter: Layer long underwear beneath your jeans to brave the frostiest temps. Men's turtlenecks and a flannel or sweater are practical and stylish winter apparel options; add a men's down coat with a Warmer or Warmest temperature rating, and you're ready for anything.

Tips for Buying Men's Jeans

Now that you know more about the different types of jeans trending this year, you're ready to shop. There are some helpful tips that can help you choose the right pair for you or the man you're shopping for. For the man who prioritizes comfort, look for comfort waist jeans; they're available in multiple fits. Garment washing is another feature that makes denim more comfortable from the very first wear.

There's really no wrong way to style a pair of men's jeans. Shop around to find the right pair for you or your guy. Once you find the style that works best, consider grabbing it in different washes for ample fashion versatility.


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