Men's Cottagecore Sweaters He'll Want to Wear All Year

Men's Cottagecore Sweaters He'll Want to Wear All Year

If you've been near social media lately, you'll know that cottagecore is very much on-trend. Since cottagecore attire is comfy, practical, and looks good on everyone, this is one trend that we're happy to see sticking around.

Sweaters are a huge part of the cottagecore capsule; however, this style isn't solely designated for sweater weather. The country is calling year-round, after all. To answer that call, look no further than tweed, flannel, corduroy, leather boots, and, of course, all of the chunky, earth-toned sweaters you can get your hands on.

Read on for the very best in men's cottagecore sweaters that he'll love no matter the season.

What Is Cottagecore?

If you picture a quiet cottage in the woods, or perhaps in the English countryside, what do you see? Lush rolling hills, perhaps some ivy snaking up a gazebo, and maybe even a line of freshly hung laundry billowing in the wind. Not too shabby, right? Now, if you take that serene country aesthetic and add some really stylish yet subtle Chelsea boots to it, you've got cottagecore. For men, this style incorporates flannel and plaid shirts, vintage-inspired sweaters and coats, tweed vests, corduroy pants or straight-leg denim jeans, and fashionable yet sturdy boots.

Patterned Quarter-Zip Sweater

When it comes to finding the perfect men's cottagecore top, look no further than a quarter-zip sweater in print such as dark vintage green stripes or a subtle teal plaid. This style of men's sweater features a classic collar with a zipper that allows for extra airflow in the warmer months, although the style points will be relevant no matter the season.

This sweater is easy to care for and can look great in a tailored or a more relaxed fit, so it really depends on his particular comfort level. Cottagecore sweaters don't have to fall into a specific category in terms of fit. As long as the style, color, and print are all aligned with the aesthetic, they're sure to have an outfit they love. With this sweater on, all he needs is a steaming cup of coffee, a hand-carved wooden rocking chair, and some mountains to look out on, and he'll be set.

Earth-Toned V-Neck Sweater

Next up is the oh-so-comfy and oh-so-cottagecore men's V-neck sweater. To keep it in theme, opt for an earthy tone, like tan or dark green. A V-neck sweater fits so well into this aesthetic because it can work just as well as a stand-alone top, as it can act as a layer.

To comfortably roam in a field of wildflowers in the spring, opt for a slightly more tailored fit he can wear with the sleeves rolled up, or for reading a worn paperback novel under a tree in the fall, go with a slightly looser fit so he can layer it over a flannel shirt.

Vintage-Inspired Cable-knit Sweater

A chunky, vintage-inspired, cable-knit sweater with a crew neckline in the shade like tan or white is the perfect cottagecore sweater for men. While this sweater might feel a bit heavier than the other two on our list, it'll be such a hit that he'll definitely have trouble putting it away in the warmer months. The good news is it's a perfect layer for a cooler summer evening spent cooking over an open fire, as much as it's ideal for keeping warm on fall or winter days.

To reach cottagecore perfection, he'll want to pair this sweater with men's corduroy pants in a complementary shade and complete the look with a pair of sturdy yet stylish men's boots.

Classic Cardigan Sweater

For a cottagecore-approved sweater that works in any season, he'll definitely want some relaxed men's cardigan sweaters in his rotation. Open-front cardigan sweaters with or without buttons can be worn over V-neck T-shirts in the warmer months or layered over men's flannel shirts in, the chillier months.

A layered look with a neutral or earth-toned cardigan sweater looks best with straight-leg denim jeans and men's Chelsea boots or duck boots. Whether he's going to be out chopping wood or indoors chopping veggies for the homemade sauerkraut he's pickling, this look will scream cottagecore in all of the right ways.

With its lived-in layers, practical footwear, and down-to-earth looks, cottagecore is likely a trend that'll be around for a long time. Since these outfits can be so easily adapted for various seasons (whether he's going to be out in the country or just dreaming of it!) and can incorporate so many easy-to-care-for items, he'll likely start loving these looks in no time. These four sweaters make for the perfect jumping-off point if he's new to this aesthetic or is simply trying to build his wardrobe!

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