Perfect Men's Boots for the Workplace

Perfect Men's Boots for the Workplace

A great pair of men's boots has the ability to transform any workday in an instant. With the addition of high-quality footwear, a man can easily navigate his professional terrain with greater ease. He'll feel more agile, and he won't be encumbered because his toes are constrained or his ankle is pulling up with every step. There's a certain magic to finding the right pair of boots for the workplace—and it all begins with style.

All-Weather Boots

Not all workplaces are the same. It could be that he spends all day inside a bustling warehouse, navigating back and forth with speed as he manages a crew of professionals and monitors daily sales. Or maybe he works in a construction zone that finds him negotiating all kinds of tricky ground conditions, from unexpected mounds of earth to wobbly patches of pebble and stone. No matter what he does, the right pair of shoes can go a long way in protecting him from discomfort when he's walking around. Just as essential as a foolproof pair of men's pants, all-weather work boots are versatile enough to wear anywhere. The beauty of this type of shoe is that it's designed specifically to handle weather-related surprises, like a sudden storm or an unavoidable mud puddle. Rugged soles set them apart from other boots; they help create a firmer grip and make it easier to avoid accidental slips, falls, and other disasters that could occur on a slippery floor or in an unpredictable outdoor environment.

Chukka Boots

If he works in a traditional office building, then he can afford to slip into something that's decidedly less aggressive in its design. A pair of chukka boots is a handsome, classic choice that fits in nicely with everything from tailored slacks to men's dress shirts. In general, it's best to look for a lower-profile style in a dark color to best complement common types of workplace attire. What makes this option such a standout is its versatility. When he's off duty, he can easily transition it to a weekend in the country or a walk around town with the family. Details like mesh lining, foam footbeds, and shock-absorbing heels promote enhanced comfort with every step, so even if he's just walking to the coffee machine and back, he'll never have to worry about a too-tight shoe interfering with his day.

Waterproof Boots

As anyone who loves fall weather can attest, there's nothing more essential to a well-rounded wardrobe than a pair of waterproof boots. It ranks right up there with cozy men's flannel shirts and a comfortable jacket. Wearing waterproof footwear is necessary if you work in environments that put you consistently in the path of frequent moisture. But even if you aren't mired in that kind of atmosphere, you might wish you owned a pair of waterproof boots to make the trek from the train to the office in the pouring rain just a little more manageable. Some styles do double duty—you won't need to peel them off as soon as you arrive and change into dress shoes if the boots are stylish enough on their own. If that's your goal, then opt for a less rugged look and focus more on rich, dark hues. Slip-on styles work well for this purpose because they're fairly versatile for any type of workplace.

Desert Boots

The desert boot offers a decidedly more casual take on the traditional chukka style. For those who favor that look but want to take a sleeker, more sophisticated approach, the desert boot is a peerless choice that fits nicely into the traditional professional wardrobe. How do they differ from chukkas? In general, desert styles feature low-profile rubber soles and appear far more relaxed and understated than their counterparts. Don't mistake that for a lack of polish, though; there's nothing sneaker-like about these boots. They make the grade because they perform so well day in and day out and are versatile enough to take you from desk to date without a hitch. There's a smart-casual feel about these shoes, which look right at home with a pair of crisp khaki pants, a pressed button-down shirt, and a smart sports coat. But on a brisk winter day, they also look phenomenal with a men's cashmere sweater and a pair of well-worn jeans to complete the look.

Finding the Right Fit

Once you find a boot style that you love, it's imperative that it fits properly. Even a slightly ill-fitting shoe can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. When trying on your boots of choice, make sure to wear the socks that you plan to wear to work. Make sure you put both shoes on as you walk around. Wiggle your toes, bend at the waist, squat, jump, and perform maneuvers that you might normally at your workplace. Your movements shouldn't be restricted in any way. There should be some space in the toe box to prevent pressure and cramps, and your heel shouldn't rub against the back portion of the shoe. Your entire foot should feel snug, not enclosed in a vise.

When you've found a boot that meets the criteria for fit and style, you can feel confident that you'll be comfortable all day long.


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