The Lands’ End Total Guide to Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

The Lands’ End Total Guide to Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

??Nothing creates a fun, festive mood like matching family Christmas pajamas. Find the perfect styles to celebrate the beauty of the holiday and get cozy together on Christmas Eve.

Table of Contents

  • Why matching family pajamas on Christmas Eve is a new tradition
  • Tips for choosing family Christmas pajamas
  • Matching pajama ideas for large families
  • When and how to give the Christmas Eve pajamas
  • Fun ways to spend Christmas Eve in matching pajamas

Why Matching Family Pajamas on Christmas Eve Is a New Tradition

Families across the nation are choosing to spend Christmas Eve in comfort and fun, thanks to the matching pajamas trend. Kids and parents alike love this new tradition for a variety of reasons. Wearing the matching PJs lends a sense of closeness to families, promoting a sense of togetherness, and kids look forward to getting a special pair of new pajamas in a fun style. 

The bonding and joy of enjoying each other’s company and having unfettered family time on Christmas Eve leads to wonderful memories the whole family will treasure. Plus, both adult and kids’ pajamas are perfect for taking cute family photos!

Tips for Choosing Family Christmas Pajamas

There are so many options for matching family Christmas pajamas, it can leave you dizzy! From cute prints to classic plaids and nightgowns to henley and flannel pant sets, there are lots of choices. To help narrow them down, consider the following shopping tips:

Finding the Perfect Christmas Colors

There are tons of options when it comes to matching family Christmas pajamas. While classic shades of reds and greens are popular, the color choices are virtually limitless. Choose from upbeat, fun colors to more subtle neutral shades. Some families opt for brighter colors like pinks and greens, while others choose to go more classic with red or green plaid. 

If you have young children, a more cheerful color might be your go-to choice. If your kids are older, they might lean toward something darker or more understated. Think about what colors will match the Christmas decor if you plan on taking family photos wearing pajamas.

Consider Your Print or Pattern Options

Solid colors are a simple yet sleek look for family pajamas, not to mention classic. Prints and patterns are a fun alternative. There are lots of different Christmas print options, including Christmas trees, Christmas animals, country Christmas scenes, Christmas campers, patterns with skis or winter activities, reindeer, Christmas lights, stripes, florals, and much more. Prints run the gamut from cartoon inspirations to stylish plaids. Families can also pair solid color tops with printed pajama pants for another look.

Deciding on the Right Style of Matching Pajamas

Not sure what to buy? Here are some ideas! Matching nightgowns are an adorable option for moms and daughters. Classic button-down pajama tops and matching bottoms are perfect for the whole family, as are solid color tops and matching pajama pants. If your family isn’t sold on the idea of matching pajamas, another option is to have matching robes and slippers. 

Considering how much to match also comes into play when deciding on the types of pajamas to buy, too. For example, families with both boys and girls may decide to have the girls’ pajamas match in one type (like a nightgown), and the boys in a different type with matching pajama pants or shorts. Or, maybe the whole family has the same pajama pants, but the girls and boys wear different tops. If you prefer to match completely, pajama pants and a long-sleeved button-down, henley or knit pajama tops are ideal.

Finding the Best Comfy, Cozy Pajama Fabrics

Families want to be warm, cozy, and comfortable in their matching PJs, so choosing a great fabric is another aspect to think about when shopping. Popular winter fabrics include flannel pajamas, fleece, ringspun or Supima cotton, and cotton blends or knit fabrics. Look for quality materials designed for a cozy feel. For tops other than flannel, consider styles that have some percentage of spandex or other material that has a little bit of stretch or give for a flattering look and a comfortable feel.

Look at the Size Ranges and Charts

People come in every shape and size, so when it comes to finding matching pajamas to wear for the holidays, families want to look for lines that have plenty of size options for adults and kids’. Many Christmas pajamas come in a wide range of sizes, from baby and toddler sizes for the youngest kids up to size 20 for older children. 

For women’s pajamas, sizes can range from XXS to 3X plus, so there’s a great look for women of all body types. Similarly for guys, sizes range from XS to XXL and big and tall styles, so guys can look great in their PJs all holiday season, too. Make sure to check size charts to get the correct fit. Reviews that note whether a particular style runs a bit large or small can be helpful as well.

Add Festive Accessories

After deciding on the right pajamas for you and your family to wear this Christmas, it’s time to add the extras that will make the holiday even more special, cozy, and fun. Look for matching robes the family can don on Christmas morning, and matching slippers to keep everyone’s toes toasty on Christmas Eve. 

Add in matching fleece throws for every member of the family to cuddle up on the couch. Don’t forget the pets, either! Fido and Fluffy want to be part of the family fun, too, so get a matching bandana for the cute and cuddly members of the family.

Matching Pajama Ideas for Large Families

Mix and Match Pajamas

In this method for choosing the perfect matching family pajamas, one person (consider drawing numbers or choosing a specific person, such as the eldest in the family) decides on what the main style or pajama print will be. Everyone in the family is required to wear one item with that specific print or pattern and any other pieces can be their choice. 

For example, the ladies might opt for a nightgown and guys for pajama pants with a solid shirt. Or, a print top with solid pajama shorts or pants. The varied combinations mean everyone will match and look great in photos, but no one’s forced to be dressed exactly alike.

Go Classic

A variation on the above style, here, a single style of plaid is chosen either by the person the family decides on or the person who draws the winning number. Like above, each person must wear one item with the plaid print and any other pieces are their choice. This will create a great look for a classic Christmas card photo.

Perfectly Matching Christmas Pajamas by Vote

This idea for choosing the Christmas PJs will involve voting. Each family can nominate a certain style of pajama for consideration. Once all the candidates are in place, voting begins. Each person anonymously votes for his top two favorites. The winning style is the one with the most votes. Everyone will wear that specific style and print/pattern for the holiday.

Christmas Sweaters With Matching PJ Pants

Some have called the matching Christmas family pajama trend the new “ugly Christmas sweater,” but for those who just can’t give up the sweaters, there is another option. Decide on a style of pajama pants by vote, then allow everyone to pair those matching pants with their favorite Christmas sweater.

Let the Kids Decide

The younger family members may not get much of a choice when it comes to matters like mom and dad’s rules, but this is one time they can have control. Show kids different images of fun kids’ pajamas and let them vote for their favorite.

Roll the Dice

On a die, write the names of the Christmas pajama styles that different family members like. Let the oldest or youngest in the family roll the die. Whatever style it shows facing up when it lands is the one everyone in the family will put on for Christmas.

Have a Drawing

Have everyone in the family write down the name of their favorite pajama pant style. Place all the ideas into a basket or jar. Then, have one person blindly pick one out of the container. The one drawn is the pajama that wins.

When and How to Give the Christmas Eve PJs

Even if you are looking for matching pajamas to spend Christmas Eve in together, you can decide to gift them sooner, if you prefer. Giving them in a special way also adds to the fun. Some options for when and how to give the PJs are:

  • Surprise kids with them on December 1, so they can spend the whole month wearing them and getting excited for Christmas Eve.
  • Place them on kids’ pillows on the last day of school before Christmas break, so they are surprised when they come home from school.
  • On Christmas Eve, have them in a box on the front porch with a tag that says, “Special Delivery From the North Pole.”
  • Hide the pajamas somewhere in the house, and then create a set of clues that will lead kids to them.
  • A few days before Christmas, ask children to put away a stack of their clothes from the laundry room, and hide the pajamas on the bottom for a Christmas surprise.

Fun Ways to Spend Christmas Eve in Family Pajamas

The fleece or flannel pajamas have been picked out, delivered and gifted, so when Christmas Eve rolls around, it’s time to get cozy and have tons of fun. Think of special things to do as a family that will create unique traditions and long-lasting memories. Try creating a hot cocoa bar with different hot cocoa flavors, flavored whipped cream and fun toppings like chocolate sprinkles or crushed candy canes. Sit around the fireplace and talk while everyone sips hot cocoa together. Have everyone get in their PJs, then pop up a batch of homemade popcorn and curl up together on the couch to watch all the family’s favorite Christmas movies. Other ideas of things to do on Christmas Eve in matching pajamas include:

  • Have cookies and milk and listen to funny Christmas songs together.
  • Gather up the family’s favorite Christmas books and have a Christmas Eve read-in.
  • Form teams, and have each team act out a scene from a Christmas movie while the other team guesses what the movie is.
  • Play classic family games like charades or Christmas-themed board games.
  • Plan a holiday party with friends and family, and invite everyone to wear their matching holiday PJs!
  • Make a simple Christmas craft together.
  • Play a round of Christmas trivia together and finish the night with eggnog.
  • Make a homemade Christmas ornament together, and place it in a special place on the tree.
  • Throw on everyone’s winter coats over their pajamas, and drive around town to see all the Christmas lights.

Fun and Family

Wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve only adds to the wonder of the holiday. Make Christmas extra special with a set of Christmas PJs this year!

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