How to Style Matching Sets This Fall

How to Style Matching Sets This Fall

Matching sets are making a comeback in the very best way. Sometimes referred to as two-pieces, matching sets are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They’re simple, classic, and incredibly chic. 

With fall fast approaching, you may find yourself wondering what some of the best ways are to style a matching set to accommodate the crisp, cool temperatures that start around September. Take a look at some of our favorite matching set looks and styles!

What is a Matching Set?

Simply put, a matching set includes a top and bottom made of the same material or color.

But when you think about it, matching sets have so much more potential than simply being the same color! It could be a sweater and women’s skirt, a pair of tailored pants and a blazer, or even a pair of shorts and a coordinating top. 

You may find yourself conjuring up memories of your mother’s matching pantsuits that she wore to the office. While this may have been part of the inspiration for matching sets, these two pieces offer a much more flattering and modern look.

Matching Sets Make a Statement

Every woman deserves to have a statement piece or two in her wardrobe, and matching sets make it very easy to show off your style in a major way. Whether it’s a bold blazer set or a matching patterned skirt and women’s sweater, a matching set makes it easy to make a statement.

When choosing a matching set for fall, take color into consideration. Fiery reds, vibrant greens, and warm yellows are going to serve you well in autumn and will help you stand out.

Dressing Up a Matching Set

Getting all dolled up in a matching set is a great ensemble to consider for a day in the office or a night out with your sweetheart.

One easy matching set for a dressier day is a skirt and top set. We’ve all heard of the little black dress – put a new spin on it by putting together an all-black matching set ensemble! A black pencil skirt with a black blouse is a classic look that will always be in style, but especially during the two-piece trend, we’re seeing now.

Easily dress up a matching set by throwing on your favorite pair of heels and some coordinating jewelry. Depending on the pieces included in your matching set, you could also wear one of your favorite women's cardigans to add some extra layers for those chillier fall days.

Make it Casual

Just as easily as you can dress up a matching set, you can dress it down and keep it casual. You’ll find a lot of loungewear matching sets that feature sweatshirts and hoodies for women, accompanied by a pair of sweats or joggers.

If you want something comfortable to wear while hanging out at home or out running errands, but you’re still wanting to look put together, one of these casual matching sets is the perfect way to go. Pair it with your favorite pair of slip-ons and you’re good to go!

If you’re in need of some extra warmth, a casual matching set pairs very well with a classic women’s coat. Throw on a scarf and you’re set to brave the cold days of autumn.

Comfort and simplicity are what you get with a matching set, and this is especially true with a casual two-piece outfit.

Sleeping in Style

It’s become more and more commonplace to throw on an old T-shirt and a pair of sweats when getting ready for bed. However, there’s just something about putting on a comfortable pajama set to get you feeling cozy.

Some high-quality women's pajama sets are the perfect option for sleeping in style. Some have long pants and short-sleeved tops, and others have shorts and long-sleeved tops. Find a set that fits your style!

Matching Sets This Fall

Finding ways to incorporate current trends into your wardrobe while still maintaining a classic look is made easy with a high-quality matching set. Dress it up or dress it down; it will become one of your new go-to ensembles.

Whether you’re purchasing a matching set or putting one together yourself, this is a look that you will definitely want to consider this fall.


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