Matching Couples Outfits for the Holidays

Matching Couples Outfits for the Holidays

The approaching holiday season means many things, including decorating, gift-giving, and gathering—lots of gatherings. Don’t be caught off guard when it comes time to get dressed for holiday parties. A little pre-holiday clothing shopping spree will make you feel good at that work party or dinner at your in-laws. Why not make the season a little more interesting with special planning that includes matching couples outfits for you and your sweetie? The holidays can be stressful, and it’s nice to have something to focus on other than who’s bringing the holiday ham. Matching couple’s outfits are also an excellent way to showcase your glowing relationship and give you another way to intertwine yourselves.

Matching outfits are a win whether you are a new couple finding your way through the holidays or a set of seasoned professionals adept at navigating this time of the year. There is something about coordinating outfits that can bring that extra measure of special connection, plus it’s fun! Read more for helpful tips and tricks on couples’ outfits that will have you both in the limelight this season.

Matching Couples Outfits

Select from an array of bright or neutral colors to match the party vibe. Our first matching couples outfit features stunning cashmere sweaters and dark wash jeans for a stark, elegant look that will check off all the boxes. Not only will these outfits show that you’re a power couple, but they will also keep you super warm on even the coldest nights—add cuddles by the fire, and you’ll be roasting.

Dark wash jeans are more formal than lighter wash jeans and will complement the sweater well. Cashmere sweaters are the ultimate Christmas sweater that will look equally radiant on both of you. Our 100% soft, two-ply cashmere is made with Italian craftsmanship in the dyeing and spinning processes, making for the ultimate cashmere with lasting color and superior pill resistance. The cashmere is combed from Mongolian cashmere goats and made even softer with a special wash. These sweaters are also customizable with the Lands’ End “make it personal” option of adding a monogram—talk about a cute couple.

Matching Pajamas

When it comes time for bed after a fun evening of holiday festivities, tuck into bed with matching fleece pajamas for the ultimate night’s sleep. With ultra-soft Sherpa fabric, wide elastic-waist bottoms with pockets, and a drawstring hooded top with raglan sleeves, this two-piece set will have you both feeling relaxed and ready for a long winter’s nap. For an alternative pajama material, check out our flannel pajamas, made with 100% cotton snuggle-worthy flannel that will have you cozy all night long.

Speaking of flannel, we couldn’t resist offering up matching flannel shirts that come in a vast selection of colors and patterns. These relaxed-fit shirts are machine washable and look good with sleeves worn long or rolled. Pro tip: For a tighter fit, size down. Match the flannel shirt with a chino or dark pant to complete the look. The matching doesn’t have to end with just the two of you. Include your fur baby in the holiday festivities with a bandana to match—check out our pet accessories section. Imagine how cute your sweet angel will look.

Coordinated Outfits

While we will be the first to say we are all for matching couples’ outfits to show your holiday cheer, matching outfits doesn’t have to mean looking the same. Even just including similar colors will have a solid coordinated look that will be aesthetically pleasing. Subtle matching can go a long way, including coordinating nail polish with a tie color. Work with textures like silk on one of you juxtaposed with a leather jacket on the other, featuring the same shirt or colors.

If you’re going for coordinated rather than matching outfits, pick a color theme together and select individual pieces from there. During the holiday season, you have lots of rich colors to choose from, and as long as they are within the same theme, whether bright or muted, they can come across as planned and measured. Be #relationshipgoals at any party you attend and when seen in public. Or have fun coordinating outfits to go out for a magical sleigh ride before picking out the perfect balsam fir for your living room.

Let your imagination run wild with your plans for matching outfits this holiday season, and have a blast picking out outfits. You’ll be setting yourselves up for an incredible season. Arrive in style to any function with the bonus of showing you are united and in synch as a couple. You and your sweetie will feel fancy in your matching outfits and ready for whatever the holidays might throw at you.


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