Mastectomy Swimwear By A Company Who Cares

Mastectomy Swimwear By A Company Who Cares

Everything changes after a mastectomy. Clothes will look and feel different, and you might think your swimsuit days are over. There’s no need to worry, though – Lands’ End offers a line of mastectomy swimwear designed for this new chapter in your life.

When choosing a post-surgery swimsuit, try on multiple styles to see what’s best. For instance, if you want all-over, curve-flattering support, you might like the wide straps and beautiful back of a SlenderSuit one piece swimsuits. If you’re self-conscious of scars, look for a mastectomy one piece swimsuit designed with a high neckline. The mastectomy styles all have smaller arm openings for better coverage without sacrificing fit. Great for plus size swimwear shoppers, too.

Many of our mastectomy swimsuits feature prosthesis pockets, allowing you to wear breast forms that give your body natural-looking curves. If you plan on getting wet, just make sure you’re using waterproof prostheses that will keep their shape. We also offer a selection of sizes and have an easy return policy, letting you shop worry-free.

Weight gain is a common side effect of breast cancer treatment, so don’t stress if you’ve put on a few pounds – your health is more important than a number on a scale. Instead, try some mastectomy tummy control swimwear. Look for a mastectomy swimsuit top and pair it with board shorts or a swim skirt if you want extra coverage, too.

If you’re nervous about relaxing on the beach in a swimsuit for the first time since surgery, go easy on yourself. You’ve experienced a serious life event, and it’s alright to be sad about everything that’s changed. Talk to a friend, partner or therapist about your feelings, and remember that healing, emotionally and physically, takes time. We hope a great mastectomy swimsuit will be the boost you need to enjoy the sun. You deserve it.


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