5 Ways to Make Last Year's Spring Looks Feel Brand New

5 Ways to Make Last Year’s Spring Looks Look and Feel Brand New

Changing seasons are great — especially when spring comes, and everyone starts to thaw out from a long winter. But what’s not so great is opening your closet to see that last year’s spring looks aren’t looking as fresh as they once did. Maybe you splurged on a pink sundress that you only wore once and now keep just in case you might wear it again. Or maybe you bought a new pair of white jeans and are now wondering what you can wear them with and when you can actually wear them. (After all, there are those weird “No white until Memorial Day” rules, aren’t there?) Sustainability is smart, so if you can reuse some old clothes, you’re doing your wallet and the environment a favor. Here is how to reuse last year’s spring looks and make them feel brand new.

Wrap Yourself in a Cardigan

It's still cold enough to enjoy the last bit of sweater weather, so try wrapping yourself up in a chunky women’s cardigan. It pairs well with everything from short shorts to wide-legged pants. If the spring weather is too warm for a chunky cardigan, try a thin, pointe-knit cardigan or even cashmere to really make last year’s spring outfits feel amazing. Cardigans are best on those spring days when you could easily get away with wearing a pair of shorts, but you want the extra warmth on top for when that cool breeze reminds you that it’s not quite summertime yet.

Cover Up with a Jacket

The jacket you wear can play a big part in the look of your spring outfit. For example, you might be meeting the girls out for a drink in a pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt with a leather jacket over it. Take that same jeans and T-shirt outfit and add a denim jacket instead. The contrast of blue denim against black is striking, yet it creates a more casual look.

You can substitute other items for jackets in springtime as well. Flannel shirts, for example, do a great job as a casual cover-up that you can wear over a T-shirt and then wrap around your waist when it gets too warm.

Add a New Pair of Shoes

Let’s go back to those white jeans that you’re wondering (A) how you can make them feel new, and (B) when you can actually wear them. First, you can wear them whenever you want, whether it’s as soon as you’re sick of winter or it’s Memorial Day morning. Second, you can make them feel new by changing up the shoes you wear them with. You might want to wear them as early as March, tucked into a pair of leather boots so they look like jeggings. Or you might want to wear them with some bright yellow flats once the temperatures warm up. That’s quite a difference, and nobody will recognize them as the same pair of pants.

Also, an old spring dress that you wore to a wedding with pumps one year can take on a whole new look if you pair it with booties or even cowboy boots. You’d be amazed at how one small adjustment can impact an entire look and make it all look fresh.


Think of how a specific piece of jewelry makes you feel. Maybe you got it from your grandmother before she passed away, and you feel a sense of nostalgia when you wear it. Or maybe it’s from a good friend, and it makes you feel extra-confident when you wear it. Just as your jewelry can make you feel different, it can play a huge part in making an outfit look and feel brand new. Fashion scarves are great accessories as well. You can wrap them around your neck or shoulders. You can tie them onto your purse (another great accessory). You can even use them in your hair.

Try Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

It will be easier to make your spring clothes look and feel new year after year if you have a handful of reliable items that you can mix and match with everything. That’s basically the concept behind a capsule wardrobe. For spring, it could be a couple of neutral-colored dresses, shorts, capris, jeans, T-shirts, and blouses. Because they’re easy to mix and match due to their neutral color, you can then add statement pieces to revitalize them. Maybe it’s a trendy patterned shirt that you just have to have. Or maybe it’s new accessories. Regardless, a spring capsule wardrobe ensures you have what you need and that it will match everything else in your closet.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to freshen up last spring's looks. You just need to take the time to see how you can mix and match them with other accessories, sweaters, jackets, and shoes.


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