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The Loungewear Looks You Need

The best women’s loungewear options add a serious dose of comfort to your wardrobe – without sacrificing a hint of style. But what’s the best way to achieve a look that feels great while helping you stay on top of your style game? It’s all about stocking your wardrobe with options!

Yes, options. While traditional lounge garments generally conjure images of T-shirts, loose pants, and even pajamas, there are plenty of other great picks out there. It’s helpful to have a selection available so that you can easily swap your looks from day to day instead of falling into a style rut. Plus, adding a few different pieces to the mix means you’ll always have something on hand no matter what the day might bring, whether it’s a video call where you need to look a little more polished or a day in the backyard with the kids. Here are a few key additions to keep in mind for your wardrobe.

A Colorful Sweatshirt

The best sweatshirts for women feel incredibly soft against the skin. Consider the type of sweatshirt, too. Do you love a slightly looser fit? Try a traditional style with a crew neckline and cuffed sleeves. You can pair it with anything, from matching sweatpants to jeans. Think of this as a more pulled together alternative to, say, a simple tee.

If you want something a little trendier, though, you can play around with the fit and even your color choice. Look for patterned sweatshirts that add a little jolt to your everyday looks. Try something with a three-quarter zip closure instead of a standard pullover if you want to make a slight visual change without veering too far from your comfort zone. Slip it on with leggings or comfortable pajamas when you’re relaxing around the house.

An Effortless Dress

While the standard tops and bottoms have their place in your casual wardrobe, feel free to slip into an easy lounge dress from time to time. These aren’t your standard corporate dresses — they’re light and effortless, with flowing silhouettes and a laid-back, throw-it-on vibe that’s perfect for those days when you’re just spending some quality time at home.

But don’t mistake them for nightgowns. While you can definitely enjoy a nap in your dress, you can just as easily wear it while relaxing around the house. The right fabrics make all the difference, too. Soft cotton is airy and breathable — and perfect to wear on balmy spring and summer days when you want nothing more than to sip a cool drink and unwind. Of course, there are options for cooler days, too. Long sleeves and extended lengths offer added coverage as needed, while shorter cuts are perfect when it’s warm outside.

A Timeless Tunic

Nothing says versatile quite like breezy tunic tops. While you may normally wear them when you’re out and about, they make a great addition to your downtime wardrobe, too! For superior comfort, stick with a fabric like Supima cotton — it feels light and gentle against the skin, and is just as comfortable as your favorite set of bedsheets.

Little accents can even dress your tunic up just a touch. Notch necklines, for example, add an unexpected touch of style to an otherwise understated outfit. Embroidered accents, bright prints, and a vast range of colors make it easy to mix and match your tunics with everything from jeans to capri pants while you’re relaxing around the house or puttering around in the yard or the driveway. Both sleeveless and short-sleeved cuts will keep you cool when it’s needed the most.

A Chic Cardigan

While sweatshirts and sweatpants are core parts of any well-rounded loungewear collection, so are sleek women’s cardigans. Cooler months call for wool blends and cashmere, both of which will lock in body heat effectively and help you stay warm and toasty.

On a warmer day, you might not necessarily need a cardigan — but a lightweight topper made with linen or cotton is often the perfect finishing touch for a typical stay-at-home outfit. Layer a longer length cardigan over a simple T-shirt and pull on a pair of stretchy leggings. Ballet flats (or comfy socks!) complete the look perfectly. Cardigans are also ideal for pulling together your outfit in a hurry. You can throw it on right before a video meeting, for example, or if you want to take a quick walk around the neighborhood and need a little extra comfort.

Why You Need Great Loungewear

Getting all dressed up isn’t really necessary when you’re at home, but wearing something that feels a little more refined can uplift you and help you feel a little more upbeat. If nothing else, it’s great for your overall well-being, and there’s something so comforting about slipping into clothes that feel plush against your skin.


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