7 Loungewear Basics the Whole Family Needs

7 Loungewear Basics the Whole Family Needs

Although loungewear might typically not be viewed as the most stylish or “presentable” type of clothing out there, loungewear pieces are still a very important part of anyone’s wardrobe. After all, on your day off, when you are dedicating the entire afternoon to a Netflix binge, would you rather be wearing your work clothes or something ultra-comfy? That’s where loungewear comes in. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top loungewear basics that are well suited for the whole family.

Comfy Bottoms

Pieces like leggings, joggers, and comfy sweats are all some of the top-tier loungewear staples that instantly come to mind. When hunkering down for the cold fall and winter seasons, you don’t want to be without at least a handful of comfy pants. If you live in a particularly “arctic” climate with notoriously harsh winters, you may find that you want several pairs of leggings you can wear around the house or wear underneath a pair of jeans or wide-leg dress pants when you have to venture out of your house. For those stay-at-home days, sweatpants are a great go-to (and yes, they can still be stylish). Even when you are working out, whether in a gym or in the comfort of your own home, nothing beats a pair of joggers that are soft and comfy but also puts you in the headspace for a good workout.

Hoodies Galore

Although hoodies may seem like the type of clothing that is designed more for young folks, the truth is that hoodies are for everyone regardless of age or gender. Honestly, what’s cuter than seeing grandpa bundled up in a zip-up men’s hoodie and his favorite sports team’s ball cap? And if you have kids heading back to school this year, supplying them with a selection of new hoodies is a good way to guarantee your kids will stay warm on their commute and in the classroom. Plus, hoodies are always cool, so your children will feel and look as stylish as they do comfy.

Comfy Dresses

Didn’t realize there was such a thing? Whether it’s a lightweight, flowy, gorgeous sundress or a cute cotton T-shirt dress, having comfy jersey dresses to wear on steaming hot summer days is a godsend. Pick dresses that are designed with relaxed, lightweight materials that give you a lot of room to move around in. A flowy, loose sundress is far more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top on a summer day. Additionally, cotton nightgowns are supremely comfy as well. So if you need something comfortable to sleep in at night, nightgowns are the way to go.


This one is easy to overlook as socks are a small article of clothing. But it goes without saying that socks are just as important as any other loungewear piece. Start off by organizing your socks into seasonal categories. In the spring and summer, you want thinner socks. In the fall and winter, opt for socks made with thicker material, like wool. In addition to socks, you won't regret investing in other cozy footwear options for the whole family, such as slippers. Give your feet that extra bit of warmth in the winter by having your slippers right at the door when you get home.

Oversized Tee

There is an oversized tee for every occasion! Love sleeping in loose fabrics that don’t irritate your skin? A cotton oversized tee is a way to go. Want to throw something on over your bikini after a day at the beach? An oversized tee! Want to put together a chic, trendy outfit? Pair an oversized band tee with your favorite skinny jeans and moto boots. Oversized tees are comfy loungewear pieces because … you guessed it … they are oversized! There’s something about loose-fitting clothing that really puts you in that lounge-around mood.

Linen Shorts

What goes splendidly with an oversized tee? A pair of linen shorts! Linen shorts can really be dressed up for a more formal setting, but they are just as useful when it comes to loungewear. When you want to lounge around the house all day but still look presentable, linen shorts will keep you comfy and make you look fabulous. Wear them with oversized tees, fitted tees, fitted tanks, or a soft cashmere sweater. Your options are limitless!


Speaking of sweaters, they are another excellent loungewear choice. Choose lightweight materials you can wear over a first layer for the spring season, like an open cardigan. Opt for things like chunky knit sweaters, tunics, and oversized sweaters in the fall and winter. Nothing better than bundling up in a super-soft, thick sweater on a chilly autumn evening.

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