Long-Lasting Skin Protection for Sports Lovers

Long-Lasting Skin Protection for Sports Lovers

Suppose you and your family love playing sports or keeping active during the summer months. In that case, some apparel is superior when it comes to keeping you protected from harmful ultraviolet (UV) sun rays. The apparel you wear is just as important as putting on sunscreen when it comes to protecting yourself from prolonged direct sunlight to avoid premature aging and skin cancer. Consider matching your active clothes with accessories that also protect you from the sun while completing your outfits. Read on to find out what to look for when searching for apparel that provides long-lasting skin protection for active days outdoors.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval

Clothes with the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval will offer superior protection against the sun. This seal is recognized and trusted globally and can be found on packaging, hang tags, product labels, online, and in catalogs. It is common to find swimwear with this stamp.

For women, look for stylish, on-trend swimwear that matches your style and personality while still keeping you protected from harmful UV rays. Are you into one-piece swimsuits? Look for styles with features that will allow you to move freely while protecting your skin—such as tummy control, ruching, and a supportive cup.

Consider swimsuits with additional coverage, such as modest swimsuits with a skirted bottom. You should also be able to find two-piece swimsuits with the seal of approval. Tankini tops may offer more support and protection for active women than bikini tops, but it is up to you to determine which styles best suit your needs and tastes.

Rash guards for men, women, and kids also may have the seal of approval. Rash guards are especially ideal for people with sensitive skin. They usually have long sleeves, an extra soft and lightweight fabrication, and a moisture-wicking finish. If your skin is easily irritated, match your favorite rash guard style with other stylish pieces.

UPF Sun Protection

Alternatively, if apparel does not have the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval, look for other indicators of skin protection, such as clothing enhanced with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Many garment pieces may feature the UPF rating, such as UPF 50. On the UPF rating system, UPF 15 and 20 are on the lower end, and ratings of 25, 30, and 35 are considered a step above. The highest ratings include 40, 45, and 50. Swimsuits, swim cover-ups, and men’s swim or board shorts may feature UPF protection. However, other active garment pieces also have fabric that offers protection from the sun.

Some polo shirts, particularly those fit for golfing or other active outdoor pursuits, have UV protection. In addition to UV protection, look for polo shirts with features such as a rapid dry finish that wicks moisture away, odor control, and a breathable fabrication that will allow you to remain as comfortable as possible. Golf shorts can also offer UV protection. Match your polo top with your golf shorts, and you are good to go for an exciting active day.

T-shirts with UPF protection are great for working out outdoors, hiking, and walking around the neighborhood. These tops usually feature a moisture-wicking finish, odor control, and wrinkle-resistant fabrication to keep up with your activities. Match your women’s and men’s active tops with yoga or active pants with UPF sun protection if you are heading to the gym or yoga studio.

For long days spent outdoors hiking, consider wearing additional layers with UPF protection, such as a packable vest or cargo pants. Layer underneath the vest a short- or long-sleeved, moisture-wicking top to protect against the sun and bugs. Slip into shoes with cushioning and traction that can handle any terrain, and you will be ready to conquer any outdoor sports on your active schedule.

Additional Ways to Protect Yourself With Accessories

There are additional ways sports lovers can protect themselves while outdoors using accessories. For example, some hats—such as baseball caps, sun hats, visors, and more—offer UV protection and additional coverage as you enjoy days spent outdoors. Sunglasses, too, provide that same protection. If you plan to be out all day, perhaps pack these accessories in a backpack or beach tote (along with plenty of water) to pull out whenever needed. Mix and match your favorite accessories with your apparel for a top-to-bottom, comfortable outfit ready for anything on your agenda.

Sports lovers may spend more time than others outdoors partaking in the activities they love, such as swimming, tennis, hiking, backpacking, golfing, and exercising outdoors. Features, such as the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval and UPF protection, indicate that certain apparel offers more protection from harmful rays than others. You can also seek other features that will provide the utmost comfort and allow you to move with ease, such as wrinkle-resistant and breathable fabrication, a moisture-wicking finish, and odor control. Make sure to complete your outfit with stylish accessories that provide additional protection while lending a bit of personality to your overall look. Then, you will be ready to really enjoy the activities you love!


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